What Does Buying Points Mean in Sports Betting?

Have you ever thought about altering the points on a spread, and getting even more points on your wager? Yes, there are sportsbooks that allow you to purchase points on a spread or total, and even though it lowers your potential winnings, your chances of coming out successful are further enhanced.

Here, you will learn how you can move around the odds in your favor. Whether receiving more points as the underdog, giving away fewer points as the favorite, or moving the total up or down in what is essentially ‘buying points‘.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand what it means to buy points, its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Learn when to buy points and how to do it.
  • Know sportsbooks that offer chances to buy points.

Understanding Buying Points in Sports Betting

Buying points in sports betting is typically a case of improving the spread of one’s bet or increasing/reducing the totals for a more expensive price, or a lower payout. The most important thing is that you’re going to be able to get a better point spread in exchange for a higher price tag. 

Example: Let’s say the Green Bay Packers are 6-points favorites vs the Dallas Cowboys.

You fancy the Packers chances but are also reluctant to lay twelve points. However, you can decide to buy all full points, or you can go for half points and take the Packers at -5.5. Depending on which sportsbook you’re using, that bet will come at a higher price (or a worse payout).

Nevertheless, your bet is successful by the virtue of that half-point you bought if the Packers win by six. Otherwise, you could have been left with a push. 

This same method applies to the underdogs. You could bet on a team prized up from +5 to +5.5 points, and you would win the bet (at a worse payout though) if they end up losing at exactly five points.

Advantages of Buying Points 

There can be several advantages a bettor can enjoy by buying points on a spread. Let’s look at them:

  • Avoiding a push: It is often hard to see a sportsbook that does not have the lines prized up at whole numbers. You might be looking to bet on, say, the Panthers who sit at +4. So, you buy a half-point and get the line at +4.5. If they go on to lose by exactly 4, what would have been a push is successfully turned into a win thanks to that half-point you bought. 
  • Tightening the favorite’s chances: You could decide to move the line slightly to afford the game’s underdog a better chance, say from +4 to +4.5. Essentially, that move could just be enough to get the favorites to win on your bet.
  • More spreads to bet on: Buying points affords the bettor more lines to bet on. Sometimes bettors shy away from some bets due to where the line is, but moving lines up or down gives you more options.

A punter Marlingee said:

I had always thought +3 was a tad too small to risk betting on my favorite teams. They might be heavy favorites, but I look around for a better line. Buying points have afforded me the chance to alter these lines, and achieve a better spread.

Disadvantages of Buying Points

You might as well glimpse a few drawbacks when you try to alter these lines in your favor. Here are they:

  • Lower payout: Bear in mind that the more points you buy to move the line in the favor of your punt, the more money you’re forfeiting, otherwise leading to a lower payout. You’re giving up some part of your potential payout, so you will need a better record with the more points you buy to ensure your bet remains profitable in the long term.
    I had recently accrued a worse payout buying points on a game on FanDuel. Realizing a Cowboys spread at -7 was -110 odds, buying the half-point would maybe move the odds to -120. Then, I needed to bet $120 to win $100.
  • Using it to justify bad bets: Buying points on your favorite team because they are massively undervalued in an event might not be a good move. You need to face reality. If they are an underdog in a game, treat them as such. Rather than just rooting for them in that way, use the best strategy to find better bets. 

When to Consider Buying Points 

In as much as you see a number of sportsbooks offering you the chance to buy points, there are certain things you must consider before jumping at it. Buying points in sports betting is good, but it does come at a cost. 

So, one might then ask, when is it good to buy? There really is no laid down rule to this. Your instincts play a bigger role here. If you feel the situation you’re in calls for it, and you’re also willing to give up the odds, then go for it. 

Oftentimes, games in the NFL could readily end in touchdowns or field goal differences. As a bettor wouldn’t want a line that falls on a whole number, buying points to push the line becomes imperative.

A typical case study is depicted above, where I had bought the half-point on a Cowboys spread at -7. I actually needed to do this to push up the line and the odds to -120.

How to Buy Points: Step-by-Step Guide 

Let us run through a step-by-step guide on how points can be purchased on DraftKings sportsbook. 

  1. Log in: Navigate through the homepage and log into your account when you’ve created one.
  2. Click on the event: Once in, find the particular event you wish to buy points on. Ensure that it is possible to do this, hence the option ‘Buy Points’ made available.
  3. Follow the instructions: Here you will locate the foundation for the specific event in consideration and click the ‘Buy Points’ button near the title. 
  4. Select points package: Select which group of points you would want to buy, like 10 points, 25 points, 40 points etc.
  5. Confirm purchase: Check out your order and confirm the purchase. 
  6. Receive points: Your ordered points will be credited into your account for use. 

Comparing Licensed Sportsbooks: Where to Buy Points 

Let’s compare three sportsbooks with licenses in the US that offer bettors chances to buy points:

DraftKings Sportsbook: Aside from a wide range of sporting events and markets to bet on, DraftKings has a user-friendly interface, making it an easy usage app for their customers. They also offer live betting and streaming options.

    Point Buying Costs

  •   -1 point: $0.10-$0.15
  •   -2 points: $0.20-$0.30
  •   -3 points: $0.30-$0.45

FanDuel Sportsbook: FanDuel has features like same game parlays, extensive prop markets, and a secure platform that readily responds to customer complaints or inquiries.

      A modern, built-in style user-friendly app.

I love the FanDuel app. The arrangement, the background color display, the ease in selecting options and prompt responses to questions.

Tim Will

      Point Buying Costs:

  •     – 1 point: $0.10-$0.15
  •     – 2 points: $0.20-$0.35
  •     – 3 points: $0.35-$0.50

BetMGM Sportsbook: Also covering a wide range of events and markets, BetMGM also has loyalty programs, live betting, and streaming options. It is reliable, has a user-friendly interface as well, and an excellent customer service system to top it off.

     Point Buying Costs:

  •     -1 point: $0.15-$0.20
  •     -2 points: $0.30-$0.40
  •     – 3 points: $0.45-$0.60

So, Will You Buy Points Tonight?

So you know why buying points could help you in your betting indulgences. Check out these recommended sportsbooks that offer the chance to buy points and use them whenever you feel the need to. 

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