What Does PPD Mean in Sports Betting?

Confused about seeing PPD listed beside a game you want to bet on? Especially when you discover that you can’t bet on that market then.

PPD stands for Postponed, an unpredictable aspect of sports betting that can impact your wagering experience. However, understanding its meaning can help you cushion the effect and even turn it around for your gain!

So, what does PPD mean in sports betting? What are the implications of a postponed game on your betting outcomes? How can you adapt to PPD scenarios?

Find the answers to these questions on this page, as well as the strategies for making the most of your bets even when games are rescheduled.

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • Discover what Postponed (PPD) means in fantasy football and other sports.
  • Take notes on all possible metrics to understand why a game has been postponed.
  • Try out our best PPD strategies for the next sports matchup gamble. 

Understanding PPD: Postponements in Sports Betting

PPD or Postponed is an abbreviation used in sports betting, particularly fantasy betting, to indicate that a game has been rescheduled, called off, or delayed. It can also apply to an event that has yet to begin, and a start time has not been announced.

There are several reasons why a sporting event can be postponed. Let’s look at some of them below.

  • Weather conditions: Unanticipated hazardous weather conditions like heavy rain or thunderstorms, snow, fog, or poor visibility can force the postponement of a game. For instance, in July 2023, 69 tennis matches were canceled in a day because of persistent rain.
  • Player or Team Injuries: If a key player or multiple players are injured, not fit to play, or replaced with another player, the event might be postponed to allow for recovery time. An instance is the 1958 Manchester United Munich air disaster that led to the unfortunate demise of eight players. The scheduled event against Wolverhampton Wanderers was canceled.
  • Security Concerns: If there are concerns about the safety and security of players or spectators, an event will be postponed.
  • Power Outages: A power outage or electrical issues at the venue of a game can lead to its postponement. An example is the Miami Open quarter-final match between Yulia Putintseva and Victoria Azarenka, which was delayed for close to an hour after a power shortage.
  • Scheduling conflicts: Conflicts with other events or scheduling issues can lead to a game being postponed. For instance, in a match weekend in November 2023, 10 matches were called off in Sky Bet League One 23/24 because of international call-ups.

Keep in mind that in most cases, the decision to postpone a game before it starts is made by the league or organizers after consulting relevant stakeholders like teams, officials, and venue management. 

How PPD Affects Betting Outcomes

Sportsbooks have various policies for handling bets on a postponed game. Generally, they void the wagers and refund the bet amount if the event is not played within a specified time frame (e.g., 24 or 36 hours).

However, if the game is rescheduled and takes place within the specified time frame, they will keep the bets active. Depending on the circumstances of the postponement, they can offer new odds or markets for the rescheduled game.

→ Here is how the two most popular sportsbooks in the United States handle postponed games: FanDuel & DraftKings.

If a match is postponed, bets will stand until 48 hours from the original kick-off time, after which time they will be void. Any parlay bet reduced by an abandoned, postponed or re-arranged match will stand on the remaining selections.

In the event of a change of venue, all wagers will be void.


Bets on games suspended after they have started will have action as long as the game is resumed within 36 hours of the original start time.

If a suspended game is scheduled to be resumed more than 36 hours after the original start time, all bets will be void, unless the wager has been unequivocally determined prior to the game’s suspension.

In the case of a halted playoff game (or postseason tournament game), all wagers have action until the completion of the game, as determined by the league’s governing body.


Historical Examples of PPD in Sports

Over the years, many sports events have had to be postponed due to various factors, ranging from weather and players’ strikes to natural disasters and terrorist attacks. Let’s look at some notable examples below:

  • 1994: the Major League Baseball players’ strike led to the cancellation of 669 games of the 1994-95 MLB season.
  • The 1989 World Series (San Francisco): It was postponed due to the Loma Prieta earthquake.
  • The 2001 9/11 attacks: led to the cancellation of many major sports betting events in North America, including the NFL, MLB, MLS, NCCA Divison 1 College, UEFA Champions League, and UEFA Cup.
  • 2020 COVID-19 pandemic: The COVID-19 pandemic led to the postponement of numerous sporting events worldwide, including the 2020 Summer Olympics, the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, and the Wimbledon Championships.
  • In September 2022: All Premier League matches scheduled for Match day 7 of the 2022-23 season were postponed in tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II, at the age of 96.

Betting Strategies for PPD Scenarios

Postponed or Rescheduled (acronym PPD) scenarios are unforeseen circumstances that you have to prepare for in sports betting. While you can’t control games from being postponed, there are moves you can make to minimize their impact on your betting strategy:

  • Spread your bets: Place bets across multiple games and markets to cushion the effect of PPD on your overall betting portfolio. This way, if one game gets postponed or rescheduled, your other wagers can still yield returns.
  • Benefit from Revised Odds: When a game gets rescheduled, bookies often feature new odds, slightly different from the previous one. This gives you a good opportunity to get higher returns if the latest odds are more favorable. 
  • Read your sportsbook policy: Check your bookie’s policy on postponed bets, voided bets, and refunds. Have a plan in place for managing your bankroll when refunded.
  • Have a flexible betting plan: Create room for flexibility in your betting schedule to accommodate unexpected changes such as PPD scenarios. You should be able to quickly adjust your wager and rebet on rescheduled games. 
  • Stay up-to-date with news: Monitor news, weather forecasts, and official announcements to stay informed about potential PPD scenarios. By adopting this strategy, I was able to adjust my bets in response to a sudden weather alert that threatened to postpone a crucial game. 

So, How Do You Feel About PPD Games?

As a bettor and fan, the last thing you want to see is a scheduled match being called off or postponed. However, unforeseen circumstances beyond anyone’s control can lead to this situation.

Despite the setback, it’s essential to stay flexible and adjust your bet accordingly. You should also make your own research, and keep an eye out for new opportunities that may arise from rescheduled games’ odds.

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