What is an Octopus in Sports Betting?

Have you ever scrolled through the betting markets of an online sportsbook and encountered the word octopus? One would initially wonder, what is an octopus in sports betting? What is the relationship between the marine creature and the world of sports?

Octopus refers to a player scoring a touchdown (6 points)  and following it up with a successful 2-point conversion to make up eight points.

Octopus bets can give you substantial returns on your wager. However, to successfully place the bet, you must understand how it works.

In this article, find everything you need to know about Octopus betting, including its prediction, strategies, and origins.

The Origins of “Octopus” in Betting Terminology

Octopus was not a word in football until 2018, when Mitch Goldich, a sports writer for Sports Illustrated, coined it. So, what is an octopus in betting? Keep reading, this article from our Sport Betting Education section is one of the best!

On October 14, 2018, a football game was occurring between Carolina and Washington, and the Panthers were losing 20-9 in the fourth quarter. With 8:32 left on the clock, Torrey Smith hauled in a 3-yard touchdown strike from Cam Newton, cutting the Panthers’ deficit to five points at 20-15.

Aware that settling for an extra point would leave them trailing by four, the Panthers decided to go for the two-point conversion. Once again, Newton found Smith and brought the score to 20-17.

Check this fantastic moment on YouTube, just click here! You will be redirected to the NFL official YouTube channel.

Goldich was watching this match and was intrigued by Smith’s performance, prompting him to post about it on X (formerly known as Twitter). He tweeted:

There should be a cool name for what Torrey Smith just did… What should we call this?

His friend, Mike Wallace, suggested the octopus because of the creature’s eight legs. Since then, the term has been used to describe the scoring stat in the NFL.

Decoding the Octopus: Meaning and Usage

As stated earlier, octopus refers to a football player hitting a touchdown and scoring a two-point conversion.

Octopus was not feasible in football until 1994 when the NFL launched the two-point conversion. Since then, the play has occurred 175 times. Additionally, there have been 1206 successful conversions with a hit rate of approximately 14.2%.

Here are some facts about that:

  • In 2021, several players, including Amon-Ra St. Brown, Dalton Schultz, Danny Amendola, Michael Pittman Jr., Quintez Cephus, and Mark Andrew, completed the stat.
  • In Super Bowl LVII, Jalen Hurt recorded an octopus against the Kansas City Chiefs to tie the game 35-35. However, the Chiefs later won 38-35.
  • Todd Gurley has the highest octopus, achieving the feat four times while playing with the Rams.
  • The Green Bay Packers and the Los Angeles Rams have the highest octopus completions in the NFL at 11 each.

How Octopus Betting Influences the Betting Scene

Octopus sports betting has remained popular in the industry since its inception. Here’s how it has shaped sports betting.

Octopus in Football Betting

Bookmakers display octopus football bets in a straightforward manner under the novelty or exotic bet options of an NFL game. Most times, octopus wagers come in the form of a question. For instance:

Will an octopus be present at Super Bowl LVIII?

  • Yes (+250)
  • No (-300)

The odds associated with each selection indicate the likelihood of the outcome. While favorable odds reflect a higher payout for a correct octopus in betting prediction, negative odds show the favorite outcome.

Here, the bookmaker believes there is a higher probability of the outcome being No, as indicated by the negative odds, compared to Yes (+250), which suggests a lower likelihood of occurrence.

While participating in octopus football betting, remember that the prop bet mandates a player to catch the ball in the end zone for the touchdown and conversion. In this case, for a quarterback to achieve an octopus, they must run the ball into the end zone for a touchdown and successfully convert it themselves.

Octopus Betting Predictions and Strategies

Boomers and expert bettors consider various factors before making octopus betting predictions. Some include player performance, team form, injuries, head-to-head, and other variables.

Regarding historical data, since the introduction of the two-point conversion, the odds of an octopus occurring in a game is roughly 2.25%.

In 2023, twelve games featured an octopus. 2018 had the highest number of octopus events at 16.

In Super Bowl 58, a leading sportsbook featured octopus odds as Yes +1100, No, -6000. The odds for yes imply a winning probability of 8.33%, suggesting that the bookie considers the chance of an octopus appearing in the event to be extremely low.

No octopus has been recorded so far in the 2024 playoffs.

With these statistics, if you want to make your octopus bet, it is advisable to only wager a small amount of money and hope for a favorable outcome.

The Impact of Octopus Betting on Sportsbooks and Bettors

Octopus betting allows sportsbooks to offer a new element of excitement and novelty to their betting markets. When an Octopus occurs, it generates social media chatter, which can lead to increased engagement and betting activity for any sportsbook offering the market.

Bettors can also engage in octopus sports betting to boost their payouts considerably. If a player makes a $100 octopus yes wager at +1100 and wins, they would profit $1100. However, making the right octopus bet requires careful consideration and risk management.

Like other betting types, octopus betting patterns can determine the setting of odds and how sportsbooks display the market. For instance, an octopus bet’s “yes” option carries the highest odds because it is an unlikely or rare occurrence. As such, only a few bettors go for the option.

On the other hand, the “No” option is popular among average bettors because the outcome is highly likely to occur. It is not surprising that the option has a meager payout. At a “No” odds of -6000, you will need to wager $6000 to win $100 if your bet is successful.

Depending on other factors, the odds of an octopus bet may fluctuate before and during a game.

Octopus Betting: Tips and Considerations

At this point, we have agreed that choosing yes on an octopus bet is highly risky, and selecting no is not profitable, especially if you are an average bettor.

However, if you invest in this betting market, then it’s advisable to select yes; after all, there is an element of risk with every sports bet, and the returns of a successful octopus prediction are highly lucrative.

To maximize your bankroll while making octopus bets, ensure you follow some of the tips we have detailed below:

  1. First, wager on teams with players that have achieved an octopus in the past. If they did it once, they could do it again when their team is in the red zone.
  2. Also, consider how frequently the team opts for a two-point conversion over the traditional extra-point kick. You should also look at the players with the most chances to shine in the crucial two-point-attempts. This is why investing time in researching teams, players, and relevant statistics is important before placing an octopus bet.
  3. You should also keep in mind that you are wagering on an unlikely outcome. As such, it is crucial to bet responsibly. You should only bet a small amount or what you can afford to lose.
  4. You can also adopt general betting tips like comparing octopus odds at different sportsbooks to get the best odds, setting a budget, and sticking to it.

So, Will You Make an Octopus Bet Soon?

The octopus is one of the most fascinating events in football. It’s great to know that you can cheer your favorite player when they score a touchdown and a 2-point conversion and also bet on it.

You can place octopus bets on any regular NFL or Super Bowl match at your favorite sportsbooks. However, remember that the octopus does not happen often, so you should bet small.

Are the odds of losing the octopus bet too high for you? Here is a detailed list of other top-notch prop bets that you can consider.