What Is Draw No Bet in Sports Betting?

Do you get upset by the fact that you lose your bet when a match ends in a draw? If you’d placed a Draw No Bet, this scenario wouldn’t happen. But how does it work? Well, you’ll get the explanations in this review.

Together, let’s find out what is Draw No Bet in sports betting, notable advantages attached to it, how to place a DNB wager, and strategies to consider before picking this market. 

Key Takeaways 

  • DNB comes in handy for when you can’t rule out the possibility of a match ending in a draw.
  • The market insures your bet and lets you get in sync with the ins and outs of sports betting.
  • The option is available on numerous sports, including football, hockey, basketball, and cricket.

The Basics of Draw No Bet

The DNB market is revered among bettors who’d like to insure their bets to a degree. With the Draw No Bet in play, you can wager on the home or away team to win. But if the event ends in a draw, your wager will be refunded to you.

Suppose Inter Miami is playing against Nashville, and you place a DNB on Inter Miami. In that case, Inter Miami must win the match for you to receive your full payout or draw to get your bet back. If they can’t achieve either outcome, you lose.

Advantages of a Draw No Bet

Now that you’ve gotten an insight on what does Draw No Bet mean, you’re probably wondering if there are any positives associated with this betting market. Thankfully, there are several:

  • Outcome Reduction:The Draw No Bet strategy allows you to reduce the number of possible outcomes from three (home win, away win, or draw) to two (home win or away win). This increases your chances of facilitating a winning bet.
  • Promotes Underdog Support: Placing DNBs on the weaker side is less risky, as they could spring up a surprise and win or draw against the favorite.
  • Selection Confidence:The DNB betting market allows you to stick to decisions on matches where there’s a high chance of your preferred side emerging victorious or drawing the game. So, whether you’re a newbie or veteran gambler, engaging the DNB strategy can instigate smarter wagers that can lead to decent payouts.

How to Place a Draw No Bet

Choosing Draw No Bet hockey or soccer events can positively influence your wagers. As we’ve already established, this market offers less risk and great protection against draws.

Let’s learn the steps to take to facilitate this bet in real-time at your favorite sportsbook.

Placing Draw No Bet on Popular Betting Platforms

While numerous sports betting websites exist, we’ll deliver insight on the easy-to-follow steps you must execute to successfully place DNBs on Bet365 sportsbook:

  1. Log into your account and select any sporting category of your choice.
  2. Select the event you want to stake on. On the screen that appears, scroll down to the “Draw No Bet” segment and click on the home or away side, depending on your choice.
  3. Click on your bet slip and enter your stake.
  4. Tap “Place Bet” once you’re satisfied with your selection.
  5. Wait for the outcome of wagered games.

Draw No Bet in Different Sports

DNB is a betting market available on any sporting event hosting two competing teams or players. Although Draw No Bet predictions are common on soccer-related events, you’ll find the option on other sports categories like:

  • American Football 
  • Ice Hockey 
  • Boxing
  • Horse Racing
  • Chess
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Australian Rules
  • Formula 1
  • MMA

Note that the sports have different rules. If you grab what is draw no bet in soccer, you’ll know that it won’t apply in some other categories.

For instance, tennis is divided into sets and there’s always a tiebreaker. This means that the possibility of the match ending with equal scores is non-existent; thus, you won’t find the Draw No Bet or DNB option on related events.

The same applies in sumo wrestling, where matches are typically postponed, forfeited, and given more breaks to ensure a winner emerges.

Draw No Bet Example and Outcome

The typical three-way-money line has three betting outcomes. If you wager on a team to win and the match ends in a tie, you’ll lose your bet.

  • Manchester City wins (-175)
  • Tie (+350)
  • Chelsea wins (+425)

With a DNB in play, there’s no draw outcome because ties results in a push (AKA bet refund). This scenario pushes your hand to bet on Chelsea as they offer a higher payout; however, backing Manchester City will result in a much lesser payout as they’re the favorites.

On the Draw No Bet segment of this event, you’ll find these odds:

  • Manchester City -400 (down from -175)
  • Chelsea +275 (down from +425)


  1. If Manchester City wins, and you make a $10 wager, you’ll receive a total of $12.50. But if they lose, you’ll lose your $10 wager.
  2. If Chelsea wins, your $10 bet turns into a total payout of $37.50. But if they lose, you’ll lose your bet.
  3. However, if this fixture ends in a draw, you’ll receive your $10 bet back.

Here’s a table for more perspective into how DNBs work:

Manchester City Wins (-400)$2.50 (plus your $10 bet)
Draw$10 wager returned
Chelsea Wins (+275)$27.50 (plus your $10 bet)

→ NOTE: If the team you wagered on loses, you’ll lose your bet.

Strategies for Using Draw No Bet

Understanding the bet365 Draw No Bet rules or the caveats tied to other sportsbooks regarding this market is the first part. Knowing how to apply it properly is next.

Typically, DNB is revered among many risk-averse bettors. But like other betting markets, the Draw No Bet option requires strategy to make the right picks and enjoy decent to astronomical payouts.

When to Opt for Draw No Bet

This segment will run you through tips you’d need to take in your stride when using the DNB betting market. 

  • Risk Assessment: Never place a Draw No Bet wager without assessing the team’s form or the tournament’s standings. If a home or away team has won nine of their last ten matches, making them the DNB favorite on your bet slip is a no-brainer. Conversely, if a team is having a disastrous run (i.e., losing their last 10 matches and ranking at the tail end of the league table), they’re most likely on a bad run and won’t do you any good in the DNB market.
  • Profitable Betting Goals: Only use the Draw No Bet market when the odds are greater than what’s on an outright win. Although this isn’t the case most times, there are select instances where DNBs are greater. Therefore, we recommend comparing each wagering market to notice their odd differentials before placing a bet.
  • Strive for Consistency: Another tip for successful DNB wagering is making consistency your best friend. Being consistent with your betting strategy and making tweaks as time goes on is 100% important. Some bettors are typically swayed by their losses, thereby making emotional-driven wagering decisions that rarely yield positive results.
  • Choose the Right DNB-Enabled Sportsbook: One of the most underrated tips for DNB betting is choosing the right sportsbook for your adventure. Although numerous bookies offer the Draw No Bet market, it’s only featured on mainstream events. If you intend making the DNB strategy your default after you’ve learned what is Draw No Bet in DraftKings or other sportsbooks, ensure your chosen platform has this market available on popular and niche sporting events. That way, you can curate bet slips with higher winning probabilities.
  • Key into Expert Predictions: To increase your chances of winning, visit and register on sites with a knack for providing DNB predictions. These forecasts are typically made by experts; when you create bet slips based on these detailed analysis, and stand an increased chance to win big. 

Combining Draw No Bet With Parlays

A parlay bet is simply an entertaining bet that contains multiple selections in a single wager. Although this wager category is deemed risky, there’s an alternative that decreases this risk by a lot and some—the “Draw No Bet parlay.”

The Draw No Bet in a parlay strategy works by incorporating the DNB market into every game in the parlay. If a match in this multi-game set-up ends in a draw, the bet isn’t lost; rather, the fixture is taken out of the equation. 

Here’s an example: You create a parlay hosting four MLS matches and predict that the home side will defeat the away side in each fixture. However, one match ends in a stalemate. Instead of the bet losing, the Draw No Bet accumulator eliminates the drawn match. Now, the wager features three matches rather than the earlier four fixtures. If the predictions for these events come true, you win! 

So, Will You Place a Draw No Bet Tonight?

With the DNB market, you’ll win the bet if the team you wagered on comes out victorious; if the match ends in a draw, you’ll receive your wager back. Talk about a win-win situation!

Looking to learn anything else associated with sports betting now that you’ve gotten a hold of the Draw No Bet meaning? If yes, visit our regularly updated Betting 101 section today!