What Is Puck Line in Sports Betting?

Ever wondered, what is puck line in sports betting? Well, those -1.5 or +1.5 digits are puck lines, a popular way to wager on hockey and more especially, NHL games.  

Understanding this betting strategy can help you win more money and make smarter hockey bets. It’s like having a secret weapon that lets you gamble in a more strategic way. 

Get ready to explore the world of puck lines as I define this bet type and how it differs from others.

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • Discover how puck line betting can lead to bigger winnings and more strategic bets in NHL games.
  • You’ll know how to exploit blowout situations and ride winning streaks for successful puck line betting in the NHL.

Definition of a Puck Line

The puck line in hockey betting combines elements of the point spread and moneyline bets, involving wagering on whether a team will win by a certain number of goals. Favored teams have negative odds (-1.5 ), while underdogs have positive ones (+1.5).

Finding out about puck line betting changed how I bet on NHL games. Before, I only bet on which team would win. But when I learned about this wager type, I saw there were more ways to bet smartly.

I started considering things like how well a team plays, how much they win by, and their defense – things I didn’t think about before. This change made watching hockey more fun and helped me win more bets.

Fun Fact: Pucks Go Flying Online — The growth of online sports betting has significantly impacted this bet type. The ease of placing bets online and the wider range of puck line options offered by online sportsbooks have made this bet type more accessible and popular than ever before.

Understanding Puck Line Odds 

Puck line odds in hockey depend on a few things, like how good the teams are, how they’ve been playing lately, and if they’re playing at home or away.

Bookies use these factors to set the odds for this bet type, which is usually -1.5 for the favorite and +1.5 for the underdog. To figure out how much you could win with these types of odds, you have to know about the moneyline too.

For example: If a team has a -200 moneyline (meaning you bet $200 to win $100), their puck line might be +140.

This means if you bet $100 on this bet type, and they win by 2 or more goals, you’d win $140.

Puck line odds are important because they give different payouts than regular moneyline bets. Betting on the favorite with this option can give you a bigger win, while betting on the underdog can be safer if the game is close.

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For example: If a strong team is playing a weaker one, the favorite might have a -1.5 puck line with +150 odds.

This means a $100 bet would win $150 if the favorite wins by 2 or more goals.

→ It shows how puck line odds can change and create good betting chances based on the game.

Puckline vs. Moneyline 

Puck lines and moneylines are both popular ways to bet on the NHL, but they work differently. We’ll provide a simple breakdown of both bet types below.

  • The moneyline is a straightforward bet on which team will win.
    • The favorite has negative odds (like -200), meaning you have to bet more to win less.
    • The underdog has positive odds (like +180), so you can win more for a smaller bet, but the chance of losing is higher.
  • The puck line focuses on how much a team wins by. It’s like the moneyline but with a point spread (usually 1.5 goals).
    • The favorite (with negative odds) must win by at least the spread (e.g., -1.5) for your bet to win.
    • The underdog (with positive odds) can win or lose by one goal, and your bet still wins.

Choosing Between Puck Lines or Moneylines

Both types of bets have their advantages, so understanding them helps you pick the right one for each game and your betting style.

To take the right decision, make sure to educate yourself first about sports betting. You can check out our betting 101 section to do so.

SituationYour Best PickExplanation
Confident FavoritesPuck Line If you’re sure a strong team will win by a lot, the puck line might give you better odds than the moneyline.
Close GamesMoneylineFor tight matchups, the money line is less risky because you’re just picking the winner, no matter the score.
UnderdogsPuck LineIf you think an underdog can win or keep it close, this bet type with positive odds could pay off big.

Personally, I prefer the moneyline for its simplicity and directness. While the puck line can offer higher payouts, I find that the first option allows me to focus on predicting the outcome of the game without being overly concerned about the margin of victory. I bet the puck line when I really want to gain big winnings!

Fun Fact: The 1999 Stanley Cup Finals — This epic seven-game series between the Dallas Stars and the Buffalo Sabres is considered one of the greatest Stanley Cup Finals ever played.

Puck line betting was a major factor for many fans, with each game being incredibly close. The Stars ultimately won the series, but the tight margins throughout showcased the excitement this bet type can offer.

Step-by-Step Guide to Placing a Puck Line Bet 

Now that you understand what is a puck line bet, here’s a step-by-step guide to placing this type of wager:

  1. Choose a Sportsbook: Select a reputable online sportsbook that offers NHL betting picks.
  2. Navigate to NHL Betting: Once on the sportsbook’s website or app, find the NHL odds section.
  3. Select the Game: Choose the NHL game you want to bet on.
  4. Find the Puck Line: Locate this bet type for that game. It will be listed alongside other betting options like the moneyline and total goals.
  5. Choose Your Team: Decide which team you want to bet on. The favorite will have negative odds (-1.5), and the underdog will have positive odds (+1.5).
  6. Enter Your Stake: Enter the amount of money you want to wager on the bet.
  7. Place Your Bet: Confirm your bet to place it.
  8. Track Your Wager: Keep an eye on the game and see if your puck line bet is successful.

Strategies for Puck Line Betting Success 

So, you’ve learned the basics of puck lines. Now, let’s look at some strategies to improve your NHL betting.

Exploit Blowout Situations

NHL has its fair share of lopsided matchups. Here’s where this type of bet can shine:

  • I once saw a game where the Tampa Bay Lightning were heavily favored against a struggling team.
  • The puck line was Lightning -1.5 at appealing odds. Recognizing the Lightning’s offensive firepower and the opponent’s weaknesses, I placed a bet on them.
  • The Lightning dominated, winning by 4 goals, making my bet a success.

Look for these mismatched games where the favorite has a high chance of winning by multiple goals.

Fade the Public (Carefully)

Public betting trends can sometimes be predictable. If everyone’s jumping on a bandwagon favorite, the puck line odds for that team might be less favorable.

In such cases, consider going against the grain with this bet type on the underdog (if you have a strong reason to believe they can keep it close).

This strategy requires a good understanding of the teams and the matchup, but it can pay off when the public overestimates the favorite’s dominance.

Ride the Hot Hand

Just like in basketball, hot streaks are a real thing in hockey. If a team is on a tear, offensively or defensively, especially on home ice, consider a puck line bet on them to win by more than a goal. 

I recently used this strategy with the Toronto Maple Leafs during a winning streak. The puck line was -1.5, but with their momentum and home-ice advantage, I felt confident. They won by 3 goals, making it a winning bet.

Remember, streaks can end, so analyze the opponent and overall trends before placing your bet.

Live Puck Line Betting

The NHL offers exciting live betting opportunities. Puck lines can be particularly interesting during close games.

For instance, if the score is tied late in the third period, the odds for this bet type might become more attractive for either team.

Analyze the remaining time, momentum shifts, and potential power plays before placing a live puck line bet.

Bankroll Management is Key

Remember, these are just strategies, and there’s no guaranteed formula for success.

So, Will You Place a Puck Line Bet Tonight? 

Puck line bet offers more than just picking a winner. They allow you to wager on the margin of victory, opening doors to exciting strategic possibilities.

The next time you’re checking out NHL matchups, be sure to analyze the teams’ strengths, recent performance, and potential for a high-scoring or low-scoring game. Consider using these strategies we discussed, finding value in your wagers.

NHL betting offers a variety of options beyond puck lines. Have you explored future bets, like team or player performance over the entire season? Check our guide for more information.