Who to Follow for Sports Betting? Top Influencers and Resources!

Ever wondered who the real sports betting experts are? Finding good, verifiable information in today’s media landscape is a bit challenging. Everyone has a platform, and anyone can say anything they want.

When it comes to sports betting, being able to tell good sources from bad ones is a must. Our team found for you the best accounts to follow, the ones recommending the best bets, providing the best tips and posting regular and relevant podcasts.

Our article will help you wade through everything to find good followers and stay up to date with the latest trends!

Key TakeAways

  • Find the best sports betting Twitter, Reddit, Instagram to follow.
  • Stay tuned with all the latest news related to the sports betting world!

Navigating the World of Sports Betting Influencers

There are an almost innumerable number of influencers in any field. That includes the gambling world. People will get on social media and tell you what picks they’re making and try to influence you, as their role suggests, to do the same.

They’ll often follow that up with a promo code for a specific betting platform to top it all off. They may even give you free picks to make or a great betting podcast. Navigating these sources and getting the right advice is important. 

Recognizing Reputable Figures in Sports Betting

With Elon Musk’s Twitter Blue program, it’s pretty difficult to discern if someone’s a verified source or not on that platform. Fortunately, that doesn’t apply to others. If someone’s offering gambling advice on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and other places, the blue check matters. It’s not the be-all and end-all, though. 

Not every reputable bettor source has a verification mark on their profile, but those who do have some credibility and can generally be trusted. The check marks (except X/Twitter) don’t come without a good reason. 

Forbes offered up 12 ways to determine if an influencer is trustworthy or not, and these tricks can help when parsing through bettors who are also influencers:

  1. Know their target audience.
  2. Audit their profiles to see what they’re really into.
  3. Check the comments.
  4. See how they interact with followers.
  5. Use software to evaluate engagement.
  6. Review websites that have rated them before.
  7. Check their influencer values.
  8. Ensure positive reviews aren’t paid for.
  9. Check their quality expectations.
  10. Communicate with them if possible.
  11. Use third-party tools to vet.
  12. Have an outsider help you check into them.

Not all of these are doable for the average person, but some of them hardly require any effort, and they can go a long way towards ensuring you’ve found someone reliable to get help from. 

Best Influencers to Follow on Instagram, Twitter (X) and More

There are several really good places to look on different platforms when you’re trying to find which influencers to follow for online gambling. These are just a few top influencers in sports betting to look at.

Information provided in the table from May 2024:

Top InfluencersPlatforms
@cpbetting — 101.3k FollowersInstagram
@cookthebookbets — 65.3k FollowersInstagram
@Lines_Sports — 55.8k FollowersInstagram
@eyeambaby6 — 12.4k FollowersInstagram
@elcapitanbets — 9.9k FollowersInstagram
@ArielEpstein — 74k FollowersX Twitter
@SharpFootball — 360.1k FollowersX Twitter
r/sportsbetting subreddit  — 323k MembersReddit
@MessiahSports — 40.1k FollowersTikTok
@Sportsline — 306.1k FollowersTikTok

Why Reddit is a Goldmine for Sports Betting Insights

As I mentioned above, Reddit is a terrific place to go for sports gambling. The main subreddit is a gold mine for information. The biggest reason for this is that everyone contributes. A subreddit is a unique social media sector where everyone offers up help, and it’s a community discussion.

Someone might post a great tip on the subreddit, and everyone benefits from it. 

Furthermore, experts often chime in on their Reddit profiles in these spaces. They’re often more keen to converse with people in this setting. I’ve seen a professional sports bettor drop into subreddits and offer up their advice on numerous occasions, and it’s helped people tremendously. 

Additionally, a lot of the information found in these areas comes straight from people who are actually doing it. There’s an authenticity that you can feel on Reddit, and it goes a long way towards proving that the knowledge is good. 

Top Sports Betting Redit Subreddits

Check out these worth mentioning subreddits:

These are some spaces I occupy myself, and they’re full of valuable tips and tricks from people doing it all the time.

Instagram and Twitter Accounts Worth Your Follow

Instagram and Twitter page (social media X) profiles are also pretty valuable. There’s usually a constant flow of information there, and that’s usually pretty valuable.

Thanks to social media, finding a good sports betting analyst is easy. You get access for free to many betting podcasts, to accurate stats and betting strategies. You can even find betting tips and advice helping you discover your next favorite sportsbook!

Top Sports Betting Instagram Accounts

Here are some of the best sports betting Instagram accounts to check out:

@payneinsider — 2.9m Followers— My personal recommendation: An excellent follow on Twitter and Instagram, which is part of my daily Social Media scrolling.

Top Sports Betting Twitter Accounts

On X, there are also some very good accounts to keep track of. Here are the best sports betting Twitter accounts to follow:

→ These are some of the top sports betting profiles I’ve seen. They post frequently, and they usually have very sound advice for their followers. They also foster good communities to be a part of.

With plenty of followers on Twitter (X), several other people agree on their value, which is why they follow betting Twitter accounts in the first place. Whether it’s NFL betting or college football, the NBA, MLB, or even the NHL, these accounts can help with plenty of the best online betting information and tips.

FOX SportsTrustnBet Team Recommendation:

The brand has plenty of social media pages, is also tuned into sports betting news. Most of the sports website coverage is presented with betting guides and sports betting information right alongside it. They know all the betting odds and provide that along with any major storyline.

  • Instagram account: @Foxsports — 1.2M Followers
  • X Twitter account: @Foxsports — 2M Followers
  • YouTube channel: @Foxsports — 1.12M subscribers for 5.1K videos 

Why Our Website is the Best Sports Betting Resource

The downside to other betting advice sources is that it’s not compact. All of those profiles I mentioned above are great, but you have to go find them in different places.

Find all sports betting information in one place with TrustnBet!

The benefit of a resource like the one we have for you is that it’s totally comprehensive and personalized with personal insights. The sports betting industry can be learned about in its entirety right here, in our betting 101 section.

Comprehensive Guides and Real-Time Updates

If there’s something you’re wondering about when it comes to sports betting: name it: we have it!

The depth and breadth of the coverage we offer are pretty expansive. We have easy-to-understand tutorials on what to do and when to do it. We have all the information you need when learning how to and where you can legally place a sports bet in the USA.

Our complete betting guide covers all types of sports: Basketball, American Football, Soccer, Tennis, Horse Racing, Baseball… Our specialists share a wealth of interesting information, such as their favorite betting strategies, specific to each sport.

We also have real-time updates. Some places won’t do this, but we have a team working constantly to update things and provide you with the latest information. As odds change and things move, we have you completely covered at all times. 

Exclusive and Expert Insights from Verified Sources

Another thing that sets our site apart from others is that we’ve consulted the experts. Not everyone is an expert, and not everyone has access to professionals testimonials. It’s not always readily available, but we’ve curated it for you and given you the edge you need to stay on top of the sports betting sector.

If you enjoy betting, TrustnBet is the place for you!

Occasionally, you’ll get information from people who just bet. That’s fine because it can all be helpful. However, experts are considered at the top of their field for a reason, and we believe that they know what they’re talking about more than most. 

For that reason, we want to provide you not just with what we think, but what those smarter than us think as well. This is a great asset if you aim to bet on sports, as we’ve checked out all the betting analyst pages and sports betting accounts to bring it together for you!

TrustnBet, Your New Favorite Influencer

Choosing the right resources is vital. You cannot write an accurate research paper if your sources are not good, and you can’t place an informed wager on a sporting event without the appropriate information or help. When money is involved, it becomes even more crucial to take the correct steps to find good information and verify it. 

Tips can come from all over the place, and you and I must always make sure we get the right ones from trusted places. It’s one of the best ways to make sure you are a stronger sports bettor overall. 

Ready to take your betting game to the next level with all this expert insight? If not, start by checking out our guide to manage your bankroll properly.

With our betting 101 section alongside, you’ll be more than ready for your next bet!