Online Sports Betting in Delaware

Is online sports betting legal in Delaware? This question is on the minds of many people seeking to stake on different games across the state and beyond.

In this article, we’ll explain all you need to know about wagering on sports events in Delaware. Knowing what the rules are in the state can help you take part in this activity without issues.

We’ll also explore some key strategies that can elevate your betting experience. So, read on as we explore the laws of Delaware online sports betting.

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • You’ll know which sportsbooks are available in Delaware for your horse race betting sessions.
  • Discover all the latest news about Delaware legalization that sports bettors must be aware of.
  • Find out on which form of sports you can place your next wagers if you’re located in Delaware.

The Legalization Journey of Sports Betting in Delaware

Delaware has been at the forefront when it comes to legal sports betting in the US. Back in 2018, after the Supreme Court struck down that old law banning it, Delaware was the very first state to legalize sports betting.

Governor John Carney wasted no time in signing the legislation, and on June 5, 2018, Delaware’s casinos were already up and running with legal sports betting operations.

At first, though, they did limit it to just physical casino locations overseen by the state lottery—no online betting was allowed. But then, in 2023, Delaware finally expanded to allow online sports betting through the operator BetRivers. They are the only online option in the state at this point.

The Delaware Lottery is the body in charge of everything related to sports betting in the state. Before any regulator or bookmaker can offer services in the territory, they’ll have to get a license from the regulatory body.

So, Delaware’s journey to legalize gambling has been pretty interesting. They acted swiftly after the Supreme Court ruling and slowly added online betting. Hence, anyone residing in the state is free to wager on any sports events and games on the approved platforms.

10 Quick Facts About Delaware’s Sports Betting Laws 

Here are some quick facts to note about mobile sports betting Delaware:

  1. Delaware Law: Delaware was among the first state to legalize sports betting after the 2018 Supreme Court ruling that overturned the federal ban. The state promptly passed legislation allowing both retail and online sports wagering within its borders. 
  2. Age Requirement: You must be at least 21 years of age to participate in legal sports betting activities in Delaware. This meets the nation’s standard requirement and helps in maintaining responsible betting.
  3. State Borders: While Delaware borders states that also permit sports betting, all wagers must be placed within Delaware state lines. Online casinos use geolocation technology to verify locations and enforce this geographic limitation.
  4. Retail Sportsbook: There are only three land-based Delaware sports betting locations for casinos/racetracks, known as “racinos.” The Delaware Lottery oversees these facilities.
  5. Tax Revenue: The tax rate on sports betting revenues in Delaware is 50%. This rate applies to the revenue generated by sports betting operations within the state. It’s one of the highest rates in the United States.
  6. Online Sports Betting: Online and mobile sports betting is operational through the BetRivers platform, which partners with the Delaware Lottery. Other sites leverage the sportsbooks for their offerings.
  7. Permitted Betting Markets: You can wager on professional and college sporting events, with an exception prohibiting bets on games involving Delaware-based university teams. Betting on high school sports or amateur events with minors is not allowed.   
  8. Restricted bets: Although there aren’t many specific guidelines about which bets are not permitted, the Delaware Lottery has the authority to reject any wager. Additionally, the lottery can decide the minimum and maximum limits for bets at any time.
  9. Claiming Winnings: There are specific locations and rules for claiming winnings, and unclaimed tickets over one year old are considered void.
  10. Regulatory Body: The Delaware Lottery manages all sports betting activities within the state. This includes running the Sports Lottery parlay game, available at numerous lottery retailers across the state. However, the odds and markets are provided by William Hill, a renowned betting company.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Delaware?

Information from Delaware Online confirms that sports betting is indeed legal in the state. Delaware was actually the first to legalize sports betting after the Supreme Court overturned the PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) in 2018. That decision allowed states to make their own rules around sports wagering.

In December 2023, Delaware launched online sports betting through the BetRivers Sportsbook app and website. They partnered with the state lottery to make it happen — the lottery picked BetRivers’ parent company to run the online betting operations. Now anyone 21 or over in Delaware can bet on pro and college sports.

While BetRivers is currently the only authorized online sportsbook in the state, the three casinos in Delaware each have their retail sportsbooks that are all powered by BetRivers too. And each casino has its own unique website URL that connects to that same BetRivers platform for online betting.

So even though it’s only one sportsbook, bettors have a few different ways to access it and place their bets.

If you’re among those asking, is sports betting legal in Delaware, the answer is yes. You only have to gamble with licensed sites and comply with the state’s regulations.

How to Engage in Online Sports Betting in Delaware

So, are you ready to begin your Delaware mobile sports betting? It’s a straightforward process, and we’ll walk you through the basics to get started below:

  1. Choose a Betting Platform: Firstly, you’ll need to pick an online sportsbook to place your wagers. Currently, BetRivers is the leading game platform for online betting in Delaware. You can also research to discover other legit sites properly licensed by the Delaware Lottery Regulators.
  2. Create an Account: Once you’ve decided on the best platform, head to their website or download their app, and click the “Sign Up” button. They’ll have you enter all your personal details—name, birthday, address, etc. You’ll also set up a username and password for your account.
  3. Deposit: Now it’s time to fund your account. Navigate to the “Cashier” or banking section and choose your ideal method—debit card, e-wallet, bank transfer, whatever works for you.
  4. Place Your Bets: Browse through the different sports and events. When you find something you want to action on, click through and pick the specific bet type you want, like the moneyline, spread, or totals. Enter your wager amount and place your bets.

My recommendation: As I stated earlier, when placing your bets, ensure you select a platform licensed by the Delaware Lottery. This will ensure that your activities are safe and secure. Furthermore, in my experience as an established bettor in Delaware, I recommend you stake more on local teams and try to use strategies you’re familiar with.

Our Pick of The Top Online Sports Betting Apps in Delaware

For those wondering what sports betting apps are legal in Delaware, the state only has one licensed online platform, BetRivers.

Here is a glimpse of the sportsbook:


BetRivers became Delaware’s only legal online sportsbook on January 3rd, 2024. You can get up to $500 in bonus bets after signing up with this sportsbook and making a minimum deposit of $5. The site is easy to use and offers many betting options. For fans looking for safe and legal Delaware sports betting apps, BetRivers is the go-to choice.

For more information on BetRivers, head to our BetRivers review page.

Recommended bet marketsMoneyline, totals, props, future
Welcome offerUp to $500 in bonus bets after depositing a minimum of $5
Our rating4.85/5

Popular Sports and Teams in Delaware Betting Scene

While Delaware doesn’t have major professional sports teams, the state still has a vibrant local and college sports scene that really resonates with fans.


Football is hugely popular, with the University of Delaware’s Blue Hens football team being its pride and joy. They compete at the highest level of Division I college football and have won multiple national championships over the years while sending plenty of talent to the NFL ranks.

Most bettors in the state prefer local Delaware football sports betting to staking on teams from other states.


On the basketball side, while there’s no NBA team, Delaware does have the Blue Coats — the G League affiliate of the Philadelphia 76ers. Many fans visit their arena in Wilmington to watch the next rising prospects. And you can’t forget about college basketball, either.

The University of Delaware and Delaware State University have heated rivalries and competitive programs that generate a lot of buzz each season as they battle for conference supremacy.


Baseball is a beloved sport in Delaware. Fans in the state cheer for the Wilmington Blue Rocks, a minor league team connected to the Washington Nationals. This team has been part of Delaware’s baseball scene since 1993 and plays home games at Daniel S. Frawley Stadium.

Going to a Blue Rocks game is a fun family activity and a chance to see future MLB players. Fans show pride in supporting the team, with an average of 300,000 fans in attendance at the Frawley Stadium per season.


The beautiful game of soccer is also becoming more popular in Delaware. Clubs like the Delaware FC have been an important soccer club in the state for over 30 years and help young players develop skills and create a soccer community. They have programs ranging from recreational leagues to competitive teams.

Delaware FC focuses on helping players improve sportsmanship and teamwork. They also have TOP Soccer, a program for athletes with disabilities, showing that soccer is a sport for everyone.

Popular Figures

When it comes to famous athletes from Delaware, Randy White is one of the biggest names. He was named co-MVP of Super Bowl XII and went to nine Pro Bowls playing for the Dallas Cowboys. His excellent career made him one of Delaware’s most celebrated sports stars.   

More recently, Elena Delle Donne has become very popular. As a WNBA MVP and Olympic gold medalist in basketball, she has brought a lot of attention to women’s basketball both in Delaware and around the country. She currently boasts over 800,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram.

These individual athletes have made the state proud through their incredible achievements in their sports. They have thousands and millions of followers on various social media platforms, highlighting their popularity among fans.

The Impact of Local Teams on Sports Betting 

When the local teams are doing well, the whole community feels it, especially when it comes to sports betting. People get fired up and are more likely to place bets on them. It’s not just about the money; it’s about the pride and connection residents feel with their local teams.

Example: Take the Delaware Blue Coats.

When they’re on a winning streak, you can bet the state’s sportsbooks will see a surge in bets on their games. It’s partly because successful local teams get a lot more attention from the media. All the excitement leads to more bets, with fans eager to get in on the action and root for their local favorites.

Furthermore, winning teams can bring in new bettors who might not normally be into sports betting. They could be drawn in by the chance to support their local team and be part of the excitement.

So, in essence, when the local teams shine, they bring the community together, boosting their spirit and hometown pride. And this largely impacts the betting trends in the state.

Upcoming Events

Multiple sports competitions and specials across Delaware are lined up in the coming weeks. These events promise several contests and betting opportunities for you.

Are There More Gambling Options in Delaware? 

Aside from online betting, you can partake in other forms of gambling in Delaware. Some of them include:

  • Horse Racing: Horse racing has a long history in Delaware, dating back to colonial times, and remains legal today. The state has three live racing tracks:
    • Delaware Park in Wilmington
    • Dover Downs in Dover
    • Harrington Raceway in Harrington
      The casinos at these tracks offer race books and simulcast betting
  • Daily Fantasy Sports: Delaware is one of the few states where daily fantasy sports contests are explicitly legal and regulated. As per the state regulations, anyone 18 or older can participate in real-money contests on licensed platforms.
  • Lottery: You can play lottery games in Delaware, including multi-state draw games like Powerball and Mega Millions, instant games, Keno, and video lottery. The Delaware Lottery provides a Sports Pick game at retailers, allowing parlay bets on college and pro football games with options for totals, futures, and teasers.
  • Online casinos: In Delaware, online casinos are permitted to operate legally within the state. Hence, you can play your favorite slots, baccarat, blackjack, and love games.

Maximizing Your Sports Betting Experience in Delaware

Sports betting in Delaware can be a thrilling experience, but it’s important to approach it with a smart strategy. I recommend the following tips to help you make the most of your Delaware sports betting journey.

Understand the Market

First off, take some time to understand the market. Delaware has its own unique sports betting scene, so familiarize yourself with what sports and bet types are on offer. The state has options like niche sports and even esports betting.

Bankroll management

I always recommend smartly managing your bankroll, as it can help you bet on more games and risk less. Set a reasonable betting budget and stick to it religiously.

A good rule of thumb is to risk no more than 1-2% of your total bankroll on any single wager. That way, you can survive a poor streak without losing much.

Mobile Betting

Mobile betting is the way to go these days, and Delaware is no exception. Having a top-notch mobile app or site allows you to get your bets in without much hassle and easily monitor the games as they unfold.

Local Insights

Don’t overlook the value of local knowledge and insights. Tapping into networks can give you a real edge when it comes to betting on teams and games.

Specialize in One Sport

Throughout my betting journey, I discovered that specializing in one sport or bet type can give you an edge. It allows you to fully understand trends that can affect outcomes, leading to more informed betting decisions.

Legal Compliance

And of course, legal compliance should always be a top priority. Make sure you’re only betting through platforms approved by the Delaware Lottery. This ensures that you’re complying with state laws and playing on a secure site.

At the end of the day, even the sharpest bettors have losing streaks. The key is patience, discipline, and maybe specializing in one sport you can master. But most importantly, keep it fun and bet responsibly.

Responsible Betting in Delaware

Since betting can become addictive, it’s important to keep your habits balanced and healthy. Remember, betting is all about having fun, not trying to generate wealth or escape your problems. Responsible betting means knowing your limits and knowing when it’s time to take breaks.

In Delaware, the Department of Gaming Enforcement is all about promoting safe gambling practices and has loads of resources if you need help. If you or someone you know is struggling with gambling stuff, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Delaware Gambling Helpline at (888) 850-8888.

Plus, the Delaware Council on Gambling Problems offers support, education, and treatment options for troubled gamblers.

So, Will You Bet from Delaware Tonight?

From our discussions, it’s clear that you can legally place online bets in Delaware.

We’ve also highlighted some essential tips that can help maximize your sports wagers in the state. With these in mind, you can choose the best Delaware online bookie to bet wisely and responsibly.

Want to improve your overall betting experience and strategies? Check out our guide to the essentials of sports betting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Delaware sports betting sites?

The best Delaware sports betting sites are retail places and include Delaware Park, Dover Downs, and Harrington Raceway. These sites are well-regarded for their comprehensive betting options and user-friendly interfaces, providing Delaware bettors with excellent online gambling experiences.

Can I bet on sports online in Delaware?

Yes, you can bet on sports online in Delaware. There are several online sportsbooks in Delaware that allow you to place wagers on a wide range of sports, including football, basketball, and horse racing. These platforms are available to anyone in the state who meets the legal betting age requirement.

How can I stay updated on the latest sports betting news in Delaware?

To stay updated on the latest sports betting news in Delaware, you can follow local news outlets and sports betting websites like Trustnbet. Many online sports betting sites also offer news sections that provide updates on the sports betting industry and market trends.

What types of sports can I bet on in Delaware?

In Delaware, you can bet on a variety of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and horse racing. Delaware sportsbooks and online betting sites offer a wide range of betting options to cater to all types of sports fans and bettors.