Kansas Online Sports Betting Guide 2024

Dream of turning your sports knowledge into real wins? Welcome to the world of legal sports betting in Kansas!

This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the best Kansas sportsbooks, understand the legal context, and maximize your potential payouts. From the legislation news to top betting platforms, we’ve got you covered in this article.

Dive in and become a confident sports betting pro in the state of Kansas.

Key Takeaways

  • Find out the best Kansas sports betting promos and bonuses.
  • Discover what are the Kansas online sportsbooks available for your bets.
  • Elevate your mobile betting experience with a great Kansas betting app. Take a look at the available options below.
  • Read all the latest Kansas sports betting news and laws.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Kansas?

Yes, online sports betting in Kansas is legal. The Kansas sports betting law was established through Senate Bill 84, signed by Governor Laura Kelly in 2022. This bill legalized both retail and online sports betting, marking a significant change for the state.

The journey to this launch in Kansas wasn’t easy. Previous proposals struggled in the legislature, but Senate Bill 84, with strong bipartisan support, succeeded. Governor Kelly called it a “common-sense solution” to keep revenue within the state and support local businesses.

Advocates highlighted that legalization would boost tax revenue and benefit local sports events, casinos, and entertainment venues. While some regulations are still being finalized, the foundation for a safe and secure online sports betting experience is set.

For more details on legal online sports betting across the United States, click here to visit our state-by-state guide to see where you can bet online on sports.

10 Quick Facts About Kansas’s Sports Betting Laws

  1. Kansas law: Sports betting in Kansas was legalized on May 12, 2022, when Governor Laura Kelly signed SB 84. Both online and retail betting are regulated by the Kansas Lottery and the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission (KRGC).
  2. Legal age: You must be 21 to bet on sports in Kansas. Bring your ID—looking 20 won’t work.
  3. State borders: Betting is only legal within Kansas state lines. Your phone’s GPS will verify your location.
  4. Retail bookmakers: Bet at four state-owned casinos: Boot Hill, Kansas Star, Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway, and Kansas Crossing. Options range from football to chess.
  5. Taxes: Sports betting winnings are subject to state (10%) and federal taxes. Prepare to share with Uncle Sam and Aunt Kansas if you win big.
  6. Fantasy betting: Daily fantasy sports (DFS) are legal. FanDuel and DraftKings operate in Kansas, so draft your dream team legally.
  7. Prop bets: Proposition bets on player performances and game events are allowed, adding excitement to your viewing experience.
  8. Mobile apps: Kansas sports betting apps like DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and Caesars are available. Bet from your couch or while stuck in Wichita traffic—just not while driving!
  9. Betting on Kansas teams: Kansans can bet on local teams, including college sports, but some restrictions apply to prop bets involving college athletes. Rock Chalk, but bet responsibly!
  10. Responsible gambling: Kansas offers resources for problem gambling, including the Kansas Problem Gambling Helpline (1-800-522-4700) and self-exclusion programs. Remember, betting should be fun, not a path to financial ruin.

For more information, visit the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission’s website.

How to Bet on Sports in Kansas?

Betting on sports in Kansas is straightforward. Here’s how I placed my first online bet during a family trip to the state:

  1. Choose a licensed bookmaker: I researched and chose the state-licensed FanDuel Kansas sportsbook app, with a user-friendly interface and a good welcome bonus.
  2. Register an account: I downloaded the FanDuel app and registered, entering my name, address, date of birth, and the last four digits of my Social Security number to verify my identity and confirm I was over 21.
  3. Deposit funds: I deposited $50 using my debit card. FanDuel matched my deposit with a bonus, giving me extra funds to bet with.
  4. Choose your bet: I decided to bet on a Kansas City Chiefs game, opting for a straightforward moneyline bet on the Chiefs to win.
  5. Place your bet: I entered a $10 wager, reviewed my bet slip, and confirmed the bet. The process was smooth and quick.
  6. Enjoy the game: Watching the game with my family was thrilling, especially with a stake in the outcome. The Chiefs won, doubling my money.
  7. Withdraw winnings: I withdrew my winnings via direct bank transfer. Within a few hours, the funds were in my account.

For a better betting experience, look for sportsbook promo codes to maximize your online bets.

Top Kansas Sports Betting Sites and Apps

Kansas offers several legal and reputable sports betting sites and apps, providing a secure and exciting experience for bettors. Here, we highlight the top three legit sportsbooks in Kansas, each with unique features and attractive welcome offers that make them stand out.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook is a top choice for Kansas bettors, evolving from a daily fantasy sports giant to a leading sportsbook. With the FanDuel Kansas promo code, new users can bet $5 and get $150 if their bet wins, one of the best offers in the state.

The app’s sleek interface ensures a smooth betting experience, featuring a wide range of markets and numerous promotions. Exclusive live-streaming partnerships allow users to watch games directly on the app.

With high App Store ratings (4.8 for iOS and 4.7 for Android) and fast payouts within 24 hours, FanDuel stands out as a top-notch choice for any Kansas sports bettor.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook, another former daily fantasy sports leader, has become a major player in the sports betting industry. Kansas bettors can benefit from a $1,500 No Sweat Bet, covering the bet amount if it doesn’t win.

The DraftKings app boasts high ratings (4.8 for iOS and 4.6 for Android) and offers an intuitive user interface and extensive sports markets. Reliable payouts range from 1 to 7 days, making DraftKings Kansas bookie a favorite for those seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly betting experience.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook offers Kansas bettors the largest sign-up bonus: a $1,000 First Bet on Caesars. This generous offer ensures new users are covered if their first bet doesn’t win.

The highly rated Caesars app (4.6 for iOS and 4.4 for Android) provides an excellent on-the-go betting experience. Known for robust customer support, including live chat, and a rewarding loyalty program, Caesars takes care of its bettors well. Competitive payout speeds range from 1 to 5 days, making Caesars Sportsbook Kansas a top contender for sports bettors.

Popular Sports and Teams in Kansas Betting Scene

Kansas boasts a rich sports culture with passionate fans and storied teams, offering a variety of sports wagering opportunities.

College Basketball

  • Kansas Jayhawks: The Jayhawks men’s basketball team is the crown jewel of Kansas sports. Known for their storied history and numerous NCAA tournament appearances, they have a loyal fan base and games at Allen Fieldhouse are thrilling. Legends like Wilt Chamberlain and Paul Pierce have cemented their legacy.
  • Kansas State Wildcats: The Wildcats are another major player in college basketball, with multiple NCAA tournament runs. Their rivalry with the Jayhawks adds excitement for bettors. Dean Wade, a former Wildcats star, is a notable figure in Kansas sports.
  • Wichita State Shockers: The Shockers gained national attention with impressive NCAA tournament runs in the early 2010s. Their competitive spirit makes them a popular choice for sports bettors during March Madness.

Professional Soccer

Sporting Kansas City: The only major league professional sports team playing home games in Kansas, Sporting KC has a dedicated fan base and has achieved significant success, including two MLS Cup victories. Matches at Children’s Mercy Park are a big draw for bettors.

Minor League Baseball

Wichita Wind Surge: This Double-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins has quickly gained popularity. Their games at Riverfront Stadium offer a great atmosphere for family outings and betting opportunities.

Auto Racing

Kansas Speedway: Hosting major NASCAR events like the Hollywood Casino 400, Kansas Speedway is a hub for racing enthusiasts. The high-speed action and betting opportunities make it a popular destination.

Notable Athletes

Christian Braun: An NBA rookie with the Denver Nuggets, Braun rose to fame from playing for the Kansas Jayhawks to making an impact in the NBA. His popularity is evident in his substantial online presence and positive social media mentions.

Kansas sports betting market thrives with various professional sports team options and engaging events. For the best sports betting experience, explore offers from top sportsbooks like DraftKings Kansas, Caesars Sportsbook Kansas, and others that offer sports betting through their online sportsbook and mobile apps.

The Impact of Local Teams on Sports Betting

Local team success significantly boosts sports betting in the state. When teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas Jayhawks perform well, betting activity on Kansas betting sites and retail sportsbooks spikes.

The Chiefs’ Super Bowl win has led to increased bets on player props and game outcomes. Similarly, the Jayhawks’ NCAA performances draw significant interest, especially during March Madness.

Fan enthusiasm drives betting behavior, with surges in bets during key games. Both small and large bets increase during the Chiefs’ playoff runs and college sports seasons. Successful local teams boost activity and diversify the types of bets placed, from futures at season start to prop bets during high-stakes games.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for the latest exciting sports events involving Kansas teams. From crucial college basketball matchups to pivotal NFL games featuring the Kansas City Chiefs, this section will keep you updated on key dates and fixtures to bet on in Kansas. Don’t miss out on the action for even more betting opportunities!

Are There More Gambling Options in Kansas?

Kansas offers multiple gambling activities, both online and retail sports betting options, for enthusiasts looking to spice a bit of their experience:

  • Poker: Available in both online and physical casinos, offering various games and tournaments for all skill levels.
  • Horse Racing: Kansas features several racetracks where you can place bets on live horse races or participate in off-track betting.
  • Casino Gaming: Kansas has numerous land-based casinos offering slot machines, table games, and electronic gaming options.
  • Lottery: The Kansas Lottery provides multiple draw games, scratch tickets, and online instant win games for residents to participate in.
  • Fantasy Sports: Daily fantasy sports contests are legal and popular, with platforms like FanDuel and DraftKings offering a wide range of sports and contests.

Each of these wagering options is regulated to ensure fair play and security for all participants, located in Kansas.

Maximizing Your Bets

Here are some tips to help Kansas bettors maximize their chances of success. Make sure to apply these expert strategies to bet on the legal Kansas sports betting operator of your choice!

Tips and Strategies for Kansas Bettors

  • Understand the odds: Knowing how sports betting odds work is crucial. For example, +200 odds mean a $100 bet would yield $200 in profit. Understanding this helped me make informed decisions on my Kansas City Chiefs bets.
  • Research and stay informed: Keep up with the latest news, stats, and trends. Before betting on the Chiefs, I checked their injury reports and performance stats, which boosted my confidence.
  • Manage your bankroll: Set a budget and stick to it. Only bet what you can afford to lose. I set a $50 limit for my initial bets to avoid financial stress and stay disciplined.
  • Shop for the Best Lines: Compare odds across multiple sportsbooks to get the best value. For instance, one sportsbook offered the Chiefs at +200, while another had them at +210, maximizing my potential payout.
  • Utilize bonuses and promotions: Take advantage of Kansas sportsbook promos like BetMGM Kansas offers. I used a “Bet $5, Get $150” promotion to boost my starting bankroll.
  • Stay disciplined: Stick to your strategy and avoid impulsive bets. Bet selectively and only when confident, which helped me maintain a positive betting experience.

Understanding Taxes and Payouts

Winning bets in Kansas comes with tax responsibilities. Gambling earnings are fully taxable and must be reported on your tax return. Kansas state taxes also apply in addition to federal taxes. Keep accurate records of all your bets, wins, and losses to report net winnings correctly and potentially deduct losses.

For more information on handling taxes for sports betting winnings, check out our educative page on how taxes work for sports gambling.

What About Physical Sports Betting Locations?

For those who prefer the thrill of placing a bet in person, Kansas offers several top-notch physical locations like land-based casinos where you can bet on the Kansas teams. Here are some key retail sportsbooks in Kansas:

Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway (Kansas City)

Located at the Kansas Speedway, this premier casino offers an exciting sports betting experience with state-of-the-art facilities and live in-game wagering. Many sports markets and betting options are available.

Kansas Star Casino (Mulvane)

Just south of Wichita, Kansas Star Casino features a dedicated sportsbook area. Enjoy betting on your favorite sports and teams alongside diverse dining options and entertainment.

Boot Hill Casino & Resort (Dodge City)

In historic Dodge City, Boot Hill Casino offers a Western-themed sports betting experience. It provides both traditional betting options and innovative wagering opportunities.

So, Will You Bet from Kansas Tonight?

With this guide, you’re ready to dive into Kansas sports betting. The US state offers a wealth of legal and secure online sports gambling options with unique features and promotions

Start by researching upcoming games, comparing odds across sportsbooks in Kansas like DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM, and place your next bet on the Kansas City teams.

For even more excitement, take a look at our sports betting bonuses and take your betting sessions to the next level!