Mississippi Online Sports Betting Guide 2024

Are you looking for new Mississippi sports betting opportunities? With plenty of sports betting opportunities across the Magnolia State, narrowing down the right sportsbook can be tricky.

In this complete Mississippi online sports betting guide, we’ll take you through the state’s betting laws, top bookmakers to look for, and how you can make the most of your bankroll.

By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll have some fantastic new sites to explore and will be clear on how to keep your bets legal. We’ll even show you how to manage the taxes you pay on top.

Let’s get started by diving straight into our key takeaways and look at the laws currently affecting Mississippi sports betting.

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • Learn about Mississippi’s gambling laws.
  • Find new places to place bets in Mississippi.
  • Discover how much tax to pay on Mississippi betting wins.
  • Uncover betting tips to put into practice.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Mississippi?

So, is online sports betting legal in Mississippi? Sadly, no – it’s not.

There is some confusion over this, however, as you can place bets and play at casinos in the state, yet official regulatory sources rejected a bill to pass mobile online sports betting. The most recent attempt to make online sports betting legal in Mississippi was killed as of May 2024, after legislators hoped that restrictions would be lifted later in the year.

The Mississippi Gaming Commission, which oversees all gambling activity in the state, claims that:

 Internet gambling is illegal under state law (…) Online sites may advertise they are ‘legal’ and ‘licensed’ forms of gaming. They may be legal or licensed where the bets are received, but it is illegal to place bets from Mississippi with these businesses.

Therefore, if you’ve noticed some sportsbooks claiming that Mississippi sports betting online is legal, the state law still says otherwise.

Retail sports betting and gambling, however, have been legal in Mississippi for some time. It’s legal to gamble at physical locations, but not through online sportsbooks.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the most important Mississippi betting law events in recent history:

  • 1990: Dockside casino gambling legalized in-state.
  • 1992: Mississippi’s first bingo hall opens.
  • 2018: In-person sports betting legalized.
  • 2024: Online/mobile Mississippi sports betting bill killed after attempts to legalize.

What US states allow online sports betting? Check our guide for details.

10 Quick Facts About Mississippi’s Sports Betting Laws

Here are some fast facts about Mississippi sports betting laws, and what to expect.

  1. Mississippi’s law: Betting laws have a few different names. The code portions affecting betting in Mississippi are as follows:
    • Title 75, Chapter 76 (The Mississippi Gaming Control Act)
    • Title 87, Chapter 1 (Gambling and Futures Contracts)
    • Title 97, Chapter 33 (Gambling and Lotteries)
      The state’s betting rules also fall under Mississippi Gaming Regulations.
  2. Legal age: You can bet on sports and generally gamble from the age of 21 in Mississippi. However, you may be able to take part in charity bingo games, where designations are clear, from the age of 18.
  3. State borders: Mississippi shares several borders, where there are different betting opportunities. Mississippi is surrounded – it borders Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, and Tennessee.
  4. Retail bookmakers: Although you can’t legally bet online in Mississippi yet, there are several retail locations across the state:
    • Ameristar Casino
    • Boomtown Casino
    • Golden Nugget
    • Hard Rock Hotel
    • Harrah’s Gulf Coast
    • Island View Casino
    • Magnolia Bluffs
    • Silver Slipper
    • Treasure Bay
  5. Taxes: Bettors in Mississippi need to pay a certain amount of tax. If you bet or gamble in Mississippi, you must report winnings and pay a 3% state gambling tax when contacting the IRS. This taxation is referred to under Mississippi Code 27-7-15. We’ll look further at betting tax laws in Mississippi below.
  6. Horse and dog racing: You can rarely bet on horse and dog racing in Mississippi. Horse racing laws in Mississippi only permit betting on these events via authorized cruise ship casinos. Meanwhile, there are no legal dog racing tracks open in Mississippi.
    Interestingly, however, legal documents do not specifically mention banning dog racing bets. That said, it’s illegal to bet on or even conduct dog fighting.
  7. Bingo: You can play bingo, provided that it’s for charity. Mississippi’s betting laws also extend to bingo – you can only legally take part in these games if they’re set up with proceeds going to charity. As mentioned, you can take part in charity bingo from the age of 18.
  8. Mississippi’s regulated casinos are mostly on the water: Casinos and betting locations authorized by Mississippi state are mostly cruise vessels traversing the Mississippi River! However, there are also some casinos owned and run by Native American tribes on land. You won’t find casinos in all Mississippi counties.
  9. Mississippi was very close to legalizing online gambling: Specifically, a bill amendment that would have permitted Mississippi mobile sports betting moved quickly through legislators in early 2024. However, it stalled and died due to a conference committee failing to move it forward. Moves to legalize it could start again in the future.
  10. Online betting remains illegal over physical casino concerns: One of the main reasons why online casinos and betting sites remain illegal in Mississippi is because physical casinos would potentially face stiff new competition. The 2024 mobile sports betting Mississippi bill suggested that online providers would need to sign agreements with physical casinos.

More details and facts on Mississippi betting and gambling laws are available via the Mississippi Gaming Commission website.

How to Bet on Sports in Mississippi?

Unfortunately, as it’s still illegal to bet on sports in Mississippi online right now, we can’t provide you with a safe walkthrough to start betting on the web. MS Retail locations are recommended.

My personal betting experience in Mississippi:

However, when visiting Mississippi, I found it relatively simple to start betting at a physical casino. I headed to the Beau Rivage Resort, off Beach Boulevard in Biloxi. The main betting center here is at the BetMGM Book Bar and Grill – it’s an award-winning gambling center that serves food and drink and has windows and kiosks for betting.

I headed to a self-service pod and used the casino’s bankroll system to place a bet on the Sea Wolves – the state’s premier NHL side.

Cashing in the bet was also straightforward. All I needed to do was ask the team for help with how to withdraw. That said, Beau Rivage also lets you manage your bankroll on your own if you prefer to go solo. 

Keep reading, as we’ll share some more of Mississippi’s approved and legal retail sports betting locations, largely available at casinos. There’s plenty to pick from, but my experience at Beau Rivage is pretty much the standard you should expect from most casinos.

Top Mississippi Sports Betting Sites and Apps

As mentioned, there are no legal Mississippi sports betting apps and online sites available right now. However, we update our guides regularly. So, should the law change in the future, we’ll make sure to share the best sportsbooks with you below.

This also means – regrettably – that we can’t share any Mississippi sports betting bonuses with you just yet. Bookmark this page and keep checking for sports betting apps in Mississippi – the law might change.

Popular Sports and Teams in Mississippi’s Betting Scene

It’s no wonder that so many Mississippi natives want to get into sports betting – the state is absolutely bursting with sporting talent.

Ice Hockey

For example, as mentioned above, the pride of Biloxi ice hockey is the Mississippi Sea Wolves, who play their games over at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.

The team was originally founded in 1996 and they have had a tumultuous history. They played up to 2009 in the ECHL, but after their stadium was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, the team went on a break from playing professionally. 

They played as the Mississippi Surge in the Southern Professional Hockey League and then moved back as the Sea Wolves again in 2021, when they joined the Federal Prospects Hockey League. Their best performance so far was in the 2023-24 league when they reached the quarter-finals

In both leagues they played in, the Sea Wolves finished eighth overall.


Over in the world of baseball, there are the Mississippi Braves, who have been playing the diamond over in Pearl since 2005. They’re a Minor League side actually affiliated with the Atlanta Braves in the Major League, hence the shared name.

The Braves have seen some mixed success over the years. Yet, in a relatively short lifespan so far, the side has managed to claim two Minor League titles! They won their first title back in 2008 and surprised many by claiming a second in 2021.

The Braves’ victory in 2021 helped put the team back on the betting slips of many baseball fans – meaning that they’ll likely be picking up interest in the seasons to come.

What’s fascinating about the Braves, however, is that as of 2025, they’re relocating from Pearl to Columbus in Georgia. There’s no word yet on whether the name will change, but the M-Braves’ official statement was pretty bittersweet! The team had played at Trustmark Park for almost 20 years. 


In basketball, meanwhile, Mississippi hosts another affiliate team, the Memphis Hustle, who play their games in Southaven. This G League side have played at the Landers Center since 2017 and are connected to the Memphis Grizzlies, who are based in Tennessee.

The Hustle do pull in a fair amount of betting interest, mainly due to the fact that they’ve finished in the top five of the Midwest Division on all but two occasions. They’ve lost out in the Conference Semifinals twice – both times to Rio Grande Valley.

The Hustle also have a few rising stars worth watching in matches and seasons to come. In particular, look out for Ja Morant, Kenneth Lofton Jr. and Jaren Jackson Jr. who participated in the NBA’s Rising Star Event in 2024.

The Impact of Local Teams on Sports Betting

Mississippi’s sports betting trends are less affected by local teams, and more, it seems, by societal changes (and the potential for online betting looming over the horizon). Recent industry news suggests that, in fact, sports betting spending is down year-on-year.

However, the same reports claim that basketball remains the most popular local sport among Mississippi bettors. This means that the Memphis Hustle’s recent successes will likely boost courtside interest.

In fact, at coastal casinos, it appears that basketball betting accounts for over half of the money spent on sports. Thankfully, the Hustle showed no sign of struggling in the G League. It’s likely that their continued placings – and maybe even a future win – will keep the sport a firm favorite among local bettors.

There’s an argument that legalizing online sports betting in Mississippi would help to revitalize its market, especially after steep drops year-on-year. That said, there’s still concern from physical casinos that competition would be unfair.

Are There More Gambling Options in Mississippi?

There are a handful of gambling and betting options outside of sports in Mississippi, but as the law states, you will usually need to find these via retail and land-based locations.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Casino betting: You can place bets at regulated casinos on cruise ships around Mississippi and at Native American casinos. Many of these locations host casino tables and slot games, and also allow sports betting.
  • Mississippi Lottery: Mississippi has an official state lottery that has operated since 2018 on the back of gambling law relaxation. The lottery offers scratch cards and multiple draws that you can play through retailers.
  • Charity bingo: It’s legal to bet on bingo events in Mississippi, provided that they help to fund charity causes. These events typically take place at authorized bingo halls, the first of which opened in 1992.

Upcoming Events

If you’re thinking about betting on Mississippi sports teams but don’t know where to start, you’re in luck. There’s no need to go scrolling around sportsbooks for answers!

Take a look at our complete list of upcoming Mississippi events and fixtures below, which we refresh regularly to keep you up to speed.

Maximizing Your Bets

Here are some tried-and-tested tips to help you manage your sports betting bankroll in Mississippi and how to manage taxes.

Tips and Strategies for Mississippi Bettors

New to sports wagers? Be sure to check out our guide on how to get better at betting on sports.

  • Set healthy limits: Regardless of what you bet on and how, it’s always a good idea to set clear financial limits for when you intend to walk away. Personally, I set ‘high’ and ‘low’ limits for my bankroll. If I go over or under, I walk away. This helps me avoid chasing wins and loss streaks.
  • Diversify your bets: There’s no need to stick to one particular team or sport unless you really want to. Many retail sportsbooks and casinos let you mix up your betting slips. I, personally, like to bet a little on basketball and ice hockey while I’m in Mississippi. That way, I’m never putting all my bankroll in one market.
  • Focus on data and form: You don’t have to place bets on gut instinct. I try to look carefully at how a team has performed over the past few games and seasons to get a feel for how certain bets are going to go. That way, I’m using historical data to make more confident decisions.

Understanding Taxes and Payouts

All gambling payouts in Mississippi are subject to taxation. This means that you’ll need to declare any winnings you make in your return for the applicable year.

In Mississippi, casinos don’t apply tax to your winnings at the point of you receiving payouts. Therefore, you need to take a clear record of what you won and where you won it. 

State tax laws confirm that you’ll need to pay 3% on your winnings from Mississippi casinos. These are reportable on a form such as a W-2G or a 1099. These winnings aren’t classed as income, and you can’t apply an income tax credit to pay.

If you’re a non-resident of Mississippi, you don’t have to file a full return with the IRS, but instead use a form provided by your casino should you win. Follow these details and pay accordingly.

→ Do you have to pay taxes on sports betting elsewhere in the US? Take a look at our guide linked here to find out.

What About Physical Sports Betting Locations?

Here are a few physical Mississippi sports betting locations that I can personally recommend, along with some visitor reviews:

Beau Rivage Resort and Casino

Based on Beach Boulevard in Biloxi, Beau Rivage offers a complete resort and hotel experience, with sports betting available from MGM.

Website: beaurivage.mgmresorts.com

The hotel still sparkles after 25 years. The entire staff was on top of their game. Friendly, helpful and pleasant and professional. We took the casino hopper around and nobody else compared. It’s a mini Vegas.

Pam B., TripAdvisor

Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast

This stylish resort overlooks the Gulf Coast and provides gaming and betting facilities on Hollywood Boulevard in Bay St. Louis.

Website: hollywoodgulfcoast.com

All workers are so kind and helpful and the rooms are so cozy. Gotta go to Hollywood for the amenities, food, and fun! Slots are active bands are terrific over the weekend and the DJ keeps the party going.

Laine K., TripAdvisor

Harlow’s Casino Resort and Spa

This hotel and gaming complex is open on Harlows Boulevard in Greenville, and offers 24/7 customer care.

Website: harlowscasino.com

We totally enjoyed the establishment immensely and won some dough !!! Great entertainment for time spent. Clean facilities with friendly, knowledgeable staff who are eager to assist you in any way they can. We absolutely loved it.

Michelle W., Google

So, Will You Bet from Mississippi Tonight?

Now you know all about Mississippi sports betting regulations, where to place bets, and which bookmakers and retailers come highly recommended.

We suggest that you plan a visit to Mississippi’s retail casinos before waiting for online betting laws to change! If the laws change, we’ll update this guide with the best Mississippi sports betting sites.

We also hope that you’ve found our gambling tax information helpful. If you need more support in that regard, be sure to check out our betting tax calculator so that you know exactly how much to pay.