North Dakota Online Sports Betting Guide 2024

How do I even begin betting on sports betting in North Dakota? If this question has crossed your mind lately, welcome, you are in the right place. 

North Dakota may not be the first state that comes to mind when thinking of sports betting hotbeds, but the Roughrider State wagering scene is worth exploring.

This guide covers everything you need to know about North Dakota sports betting, from its laws and regulations to its available sportsbooks. Learn how to place bets and maximize your sports wagering experience in the state. Let’s get started!

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • Learn if online sports betting is legal in North Dakota.
  • Find out the best retail sportsbooks in North Dakota.
  • Discover strategies to maximize your sports betting experience in the Roughrider State.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in North Dakota?

No, online sports betting is not legal in North Dakota. While sports betting has been legalized in the state since December 2021, it is only permitted on tribal lands.

The gaming compacts with the state and the Dakota nation tribes grant the tribal groups exclusive rights to offer sports betting. With this arrangement, you can only wager on sports in person at select tribal casinos in the state.

Over the years, efforts have been made to allow online sports betting in the Roughrider State, but none have succeeded. The North Dakota legislative assembly recently rejected a bill that would have put the legalization of online sports to a public vote.

As a result, all online or mobile sports betting apps and websites like FanDuel, DraftKings, and BetMGM are currently off-limits in the state. 

But what US states allow online sports betting? North Dakota’s neighbor to the south, Wyoming, is one of them.

Our Alternative to Online Sportsbooks in North Dakota: Sweepstakes Bookmakers

In North Dakota, where online sportsbooks are non-existent, the best way to get close to a legal online sports betting experience is to play at sweepstakes sports betting sites

Imagine having the opportunity to test your sports predicting skills and winning cash prizes in the process — this and more are what sweepstakes bookmakers offer you. What’s more, you get to enjoy these benefits without needing to deposit.

Here are our top two sweepstakes sportsbook picks in North Dakota.


Fliff offers a range of sports and games that you can predict and win exclusive rewards. These include football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and soccer. You can also make predictions on popular esports like Dota 2 and League of Legends.

Mirroring an online sportsbook, you can choose different wager types that feel like traditional sports betting, including popular options like moneyline, spread, parlay, and live betting.

Another feature we enjoy about Fliff is its generous promotions. The mobile betting app offers a package of Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash to new North Dakota members when they sign up. 

It also allows existing members to earn tokens through promos like daily login rewards, social media contests, and refer-a-friend programs. You can use the Fliff Coins to enter free contests on the app, while you can redeem Fliff Cash for cash prizes.


Rebet has several positive talking points, and that’s why it’s on our list of the best legal sweepstakes sportsbooks in North Dakota. The app is fun to use on mobile, as it offers a sleek and modern design that rivals top-tier sportsbooks in the US.

In addition, Rebet gives you the freedom to make sports picks on over 60 popular U.S. and international sports leagues like the NBA, NHL, MLB, Premier League, and Champions League. 

The site also offers a range of betting options like point spreads and moneylines. You can compete in sports contests with friends and strangers and win exciting rewards like Rebet Coin and Rebet Cash. You can also collect the two tokens through daily giveaways and other promotions on the platform. 

How to Bet on Sports in North Dakota?

While you must leave your home to engage in retail sports betting in North Dakota, placing a bet is pretty straightforward. Follow the step-by-step guide below to start betting in the Roughrider State.

  • Visit a Licensed Sportsbook: Only three tribal casinos operate legal sports books in North Dakota. Check the one closest to your location and visit for a sports betting experience in the state. I once drove an hour out of my way to visit the Dakota Magic Casino, and the experience was worth it.
    • The Dakota Magic Casino in Hankinson
    • 4 Bears Casino and Lodge in New Town, and Sky Dancer Casino
    • Resort in Belcourt
  • Check the Odds and Lines: Upon entering the sportsbook, review the available sports, odds, and lines on the betting board or kiosk and decide which wager to place.
  • Get a Betting Sheet: Regardless of whether you visit any sportsbook, you will find information about their offerings on a betting sheet or slip for the day. The sheets are usually placed in front of the sportsbook or near the cashier. Grab a copy, review, and select the games and markets you want to wager on. 
  • Place your Bet: Head to the betting window or kiosk to place your wager. You can either tell the sportsbook staff the details of your bet (sport, team, amount, etc.) or hand them the betting ticket. Ensure you hold cash because most physical sportsbooks do not accept credit or debit cards for betting. I once forgot to bring cash and had to make a last-minute trip to the ATM-Learn from my mistake. 
  • Confirm your Ticket: After processing your bet, the staff will give you a ticket as the confirmation or receipt of your wager. Ensure you keep the ticket safe, as you will need it to collect your winnings if the bet is successful. With my ticket secure in my wallet, I find a comfortable seat that puts me right in front of the big screen and settles in to cheer my team as the sporting action unfolds. 

Popular Sports and Teams in the North Dakota Betting Scene

All year round, North Dakota is always buzzing with professional sports activities. From football to hockey, basketball to baseball, there is always something to bet on in the Roughrider State.

Below, let’s look at the most popular teams in this jurisdiction:

Football   Basketball   Soccer    North Dakota State University BisonNCAA Division 1NDSU Bison is the most decorated sports team in North Dakota with 17 national championships in football
Football   Basketball   Volleyball    University of North Dakota Fighting HawksNCAA Divison 1Located in Grand Forks, the Fighting Hawks boasts a huge following among sports fans in North Dakota
HockeyFargo ForceUSHLTier 1 junior ice hockey team, the force, won two league championships in 2018 and 2024
HockeyMinot MinotaurosNAHLThe Tauros’s home games at Maysa Arena usually draw in large spectators and bettors
HockeyBismarck BobcatsNAHL2010 Robertson Cup tournament winner, the Bobcats are also loved by hockey fans statewide
BaseballFargo Moorhead RedHawksAmerican Association (AAPB)Established in 1996, the RedHawks have long been the favorite of baseball fans in ND. They won 2023 Baseball Champions League Americas title

The Impact of Local Teams on Sports Betting

Although North Dakota does not support online betting, it allows wagering on its in-state college sports games. As a result, local teams and player performances significantly influence sports betting trends in the state.

When local professional sports teams do well, betting interest increases, with fans eager to wager on their favorites.

For instance: During the 2022-23 season, the Bison football team was on a winning streak and ranked #1 in the FCS polls. As their success grew, so did their fans and interest in wagering on their games.

Additionally, rivalry matchups between local teams or regional rivals like the Minnesota Twins or Vikings usually draw high attention and wagers. For bragging rights and potential returns, North Dakota sports bettors are eager to wager on their local teams even if the odds are against them.

The on-field and off-field activities of these local teams also play a pivotal role in shaping the betting patterns of North Dakota residents.

For instance: A high-profile injury to a key player can shift the odds and betting lines.

Upcoming Events

North Dakota’s sports events calendar is packed with exciting matchups, rivalry games, and more. Whether you are a fan or a sports bettor looking for the next big win, you don’t want to miss out on the action. We have done the hard work for you by compiling a list of the most anticipated upcoming events in North Dakota. Check them out now.

Are There More Gambling Options in North Dakota?

In addition to physical sports betting, North Dakota offers different betting opportunities. These include: 

Each of these casinos offers a wide variety of casino games like slots, table games, poker, and bingo. You can also access features like dining, lodging, and other entertainment options.

  • Charitable Casinos:  Depending on your location within the state, you will find other gaming venues offering selected titles like Bingos, pull tabs, and raffles. All proceeds from these charitable casinos go to local charities and community organizations.
  • Dog & Horse Racing Betting: Wagering on horse and dog races is legal in North Dakota. While there are no active dog tracks in the state, you can watch live horse races at the North Dakota Horse Park in Fargo. Interestingly, you can wager on horse races online from the comfort of your home through advance deposit wagering (ADW) platforms like TVG, FanDuel Racing, and TwinSpires.
  • Daily Fantasy Sports: You are in luck if you are a fan of DFS since there is a gray area regarding this activity in North Dakota. DFS is neither legal nor banned in the state, so you can engage in DFS contests on various platforms like PrizePicks, Underdog, Fliff, and FanDuel. 
  • Lottery: Lottery tickets for national and intrastate drawings are available in North Dakota. You can buy tickets for Powerball, Mega Millions, Lucky 4 Life, and other lottery draws. The best part is that you don’t have to visit any outlet to get the tickets. The state’s lottery game provider has an app where you can buy tickets directly. 

Maximizing Your Bets

To be a successful sports bettor in North Dakota, you must take your betting game to the next level. Here are effective betting strategies and tips to maximize your sports betting winnings in the state.

Tips and Strategies for North Dakota Bettors

These strategies have been proven to work by North Dakota expert bettors. By adopting them, you will be well on your way to learning how to get better when betting on sports.

Understand the odds

Know the probability of winning and losing before placing a bet. High-payout bets often have lower winning odds, while low-payout wagers offer a higher chance of winning. Ensure you weigh the potential payout against the risk of losing. By balancing risk and reward, you can focus on value bets and minimize losses.

My experience: This was the exact strategy I applied when placing my first sportsbook parlay wager. I avoided the temptation of chasing a huge payout with a long-shot bet. Instead, I focused on a combo of bets that offered a higher probability of winning. 

Research and Stay Informed

Do your homework before adding a game to your selection. Consider factors like head-to-head matchups, past performances, player injuries, home and away records, and more. Don’t be emotionally attached! Even if it’s your favorite team, be willing to walk away and consider other markets if the odds and stats aren’t in your favor. 

Manage your Bankroll

Sports betting is more enjoyable when it is fun, and you are not pressured to win money. That’s why it’s essential only to wager what you can afford to lose. Start by understanding the meaning of a bankroll in sports betting, building a budget, and sticking to it. Moreover, don’t chase your losses and avoid betting under the influence.

My experience: After my first big win at the sportsbook, I got caught up in the excitement and wagered more than I had planned. Of course, I lost, but it taught me a valuable lesson. 

Here are more tips for betting at North Dakota sportsbooks:

  • Get familiar with the betting sheet.
  • Treat staff and other patrons with respect and courtesy.
  • Double-check your wager.
  • Don’t lose your ticket.

Understanding Taxes and Payouts

Taxes are one of the critical factors you need to consider when wagering at a sportsbook in North Dakota. At the federal level, the IRS considers all winnings from gambling, including sports betting, as taxable income and, as such, requires you to report and pay taxes on them.

The IRS mandates sportsbooks to report winnings exceeding $600 or are at least 300 times the bettor’s wager and issue a Form W-2G to the bettor. You are then expected to file this income on your tax return and pay federal income tax on it. 

North Dakota also has a state income tax ranging from 1.1% to 2.9%, which will be withheld from your winnings.

You may ask if your payouts do not meet the taxable threshold, do you have to pay taxes on sports betting? Yes. Ensure you keep accurate records of your winnings and losses, as you may still need to report them on your tax return.

So, Will You Bet from North Dakota Tonight?

Sports betting is readily available but limited in North Dakota. You can only legally engage in the activity at three tribal casinos in the state. However, this is better than an outright ban, since you still get to wager on your favorite sports or teams in the jurisdiction. 

Besides, you can also bet on in-state collegiate teams like the Bisons and the Fighting Hawks, adding more thrill to the mix. Remember to adopt our tips and strategies to maximize your sports betting experience in the state.

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