Oregon Online Sports Betting Guide 2024

Have you ever thought about trying out Oregon sports betting? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to make the process a little bit easier.

Making the wrong bet or joining the wrong sportsbook can really dampen your sports betting experience, which is why we feel so strongly about giving you as much knowledge as possible.

After reading this guide, you should know the sites, facts, taxes, and intricacies of all things sports betting in OR state! So, is online sports betting legal in Oregon? What are the best Oregon sports bonuses out there? How can you get involved? Let’s take a look! 

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • Learn all about the most popular teams in Oregon. 
  • Discover how to legally bet on sports in Oregon.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Oregon? 

You might be wondering, why is sports betting illegal or legal in some US states? Say no more – click here to find out more.

Oregon was one of the first states to legalize betting. It wasn’t an easy journey, however, and the history of Oregon sports betting is a bit more varied here than in other states. 

  • 1859: The state’s constitution banned lotteries. 
  • 1933: The Oregon Racing Commission was created to regulate parimutuel bets, particularly in the horse racing industry. 
  • 1973: Legislation that legalized social gambling was signed into law. 
  • 1976: Charitable gaming was legalized. This allowed nonprofit organizations to host games of bingo to raise funds. 
  • 1984: The Oregon State Lottery was created to replace casinos and prohibit them from operating in the state (though ‘tribal’ casinos continued to operate legally). 
  • 1989: Parimutuel off-track betting was legalized.
  • 1997: Authorized betting hubs designed to accept electronic wagers for parimutuel bets were legalized. 
  • 2019: Finally, the state legislature legalized online sports betting and retail sports betting.

10 Quick Facts About Oregon’s Sports Betting Laws

Before we look at Oregon sports betting in more detail, we’ll provide a general overview of its betting market. From state gambling laws to charitable gambling, here is a quick primer on the things you need to know:

  1. Oregon’s law: Widescale sports betting in Oregon was legalized in 2019, as described in House Bill 2288. At that point, the official definition of sports betting as a lottery game (and therefore under the purview of the Oregon State Lottery Commission) was created and added to the law.
  2. Legal age: The legal Oregon sports betting age is 21+. Note that there are no exceptions to this law! If you are under 21, you cannot legally bet on sports in the state. 
  3. State borders: Oregon shares borders with four states. It shares its north border with Washington and Nevada and California to the south, with Idaho to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.
  4. Retail bookmakers: Retail Oregon sports betting locations are legal. There are three main physical sportsbooks in the state.
  5. Taxes: All sports betting winnings are taxable. More specifically, anything over $600 automatically triggers a W2G form to inform the IRS. Winnings over $1,500 are taxed at 8%, while those over $5,000 are taxed at 24%.
  6. Automatic deductions: Oregon sports betting revenue above $600 triggers a background check to ensure that the individual does not have outstanding funds with the state. If money is owed, including for child support, winnings will be deducted and applied to the debt. 
  7. State lottery: Betting in Oregon is administered by the Oregon State Lottery
  8. Responsible gaming: In addition to the Oregon State Lottery, which provides general oversight to sports betting in the state, Oregon sports betting is managed by the Oregon Council on Problem Gambling. The Council keeps track of problem gaming in the state and offers residents a host of tools designed to keep their spending on track. 
  9. Gambling options: Oregon bettors enjoy table betting, slots and other casino gambling options in addition to Oregon sports betting. 
  10. Charitable gaming: Charitable gambling in the state of Oregon is regulated by the Oregon Department of Justice. Valid activities include Monte Carlo events, raffles, and bingo. Funds raised via charitable gambling go toward supporting the nonprofit organizations hosting the games. Note that tribal casinos are not included.

How to Bet on Sports in Oregon?

Betting on sports in Oregon, whether online or at retail locations, offers plenty of options. Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

  1. Find Providers: Look for legal betting providers like DraftKings for online betting, or visit one of three retail locations. Choose state-regulated providers with the markets you’re interested in.
  2. Register: Sign up and verify your identity with a state-issued ID to ensure you’re over 21 and legally allowed to gamble.
  3. Fund Your Account: Deposit funds using cash, cards, or electronic options like debit cards or PayPal. Most providers have a minimum deposit of $5.
  4. Place Your Bet: Place your first bet, and if using any promotions or bonuses, check the terms and conditions.

In just four steps, you’re ready to enjoy sports betting in Oregon!

Top Oregon Sports Betting Sites and Apps 

In this section, we’ll explore the best Oregon sports betting apps. There is currently only one state-approved online bookmaker. Once others are added, we’ll make sure to review them for you!

DraftKings Sportsbook

  • Welcome Offer: Up to $150
  • Minimum Deposit: $5
  • Wagering Requirement: Bet $5 on any bet market and $150 in bonus bets received. Bonus bets need to be used within seven days.

DraftKings Sportsbook might be the only Oregon online sports betting site, but it’s one of the best in the country. From local sports to international markets, DraftKings has just about everything that sports bettors could ask for. 

If you’re interested in taking advantage of Oregon sportbook promos, then you’re in the right place. We’ll walk you through the basics. First, the welcome bonus type for new bettors is ‘bonus bets’.

This means that the promotional funds are added to your account to be used in future wagers. Making a $5 (or higher) deposit and a first bid of at least $5 triggers $150 in bonus bets whether you win or lose the bet

Popular Sports and Teams in the Oregon Betting Scene 

Oregon, like most states, has a thriving sports industry. From college teams to professional sports, there is plenty for sports bettors to love. One interesting thing to note is that Oregon does not host a professional football team.

Instead, the most popular sports in Oregon are:

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Ice hockey

Are you wondering which teams are the best in the state? The current best OR teams include:

  • Portland Trail Blazers (basketball, NBA)
  • Hillsboro Hops (baseball, Northwest League)
  • Portland Pickles (baseball, West Coast League)
  • Portland Thorns FC (soccer, NWSL)
  • Portland Timbers (soccer, MLS)
  • Portland Winterhawks (hockey, NHL)

Of the professional sports teams listed above, you might be interested to know that the majority of them are rather new. 

Fun fact: The oldest team is the Portland Trail Blazers, established in 1970. The Portland Winterhawks follow closely behind in 1976. From there, founding dates range from 2009 (Portland Timbers) to 2015 (Portland Pickles). 

The Portland Trail Blazers, in particular, are a popular team complete with their website and fan community. Community members often recount their experiences with the team. Paul Navarre, a staff member of the site, has this to say about his relationship with the team and how it transcends generations:

After moving to the Portland area as an adult, the Blazers became a pleasant distraction. I’d often listen to Brian Wheeler call Blazer games on the radio while doing the dishes or yard work. It was when my son came along though that I really became a fan.

He discovered the Blazers from an early age and he couldn’t get enough of them… We started watching games together on TV and sometimes we’d go down to Moda Center to see games in person.

Paul Navarre

College sports betting in Oregon is prohibited. However, the industry is still a popular one in the state. Popular college teams include:

  • Oregon Ducks (University of Oregon)
  • Oregon State Beavers (Oregon State University)
  • Portland Pirates (University of Portland)

The Impact of Local Teams on Sports Betting 

John Canzano, one of the most popular sports pundits in the state, offers his thoughts on Super Bowl betting in 2022:

A faithful reader wrote to tell me he was especially pleased with how the Super Bowl went on Sunday. He was pulling for Cincinnati, mind you. He loved the Joe Burrow story, figured the Bengals were overdue to finally win a championship, and placed a couple of wagers on the Bengals the game using the DraftKings app.

John Canzano

How is this concerned with Oregon sports betting? Well, as Canzano details, team, and player popularity have a significant impact on sports betting trends.

His reader’s love for the Bengals translated into multiple bets, and he’s not alone. Betting around big events depends heavily on team popularity. While Oregon sports teams lie in different sports away from football, the nationwide excitement for these sports events translates to wagers in sports betting in Oregon. 

Fun fact: The number of sports betting players increased by 43% from 2022 to 2023, with more than $565m wagered on sports betting – which shows the impact that sports betting is having!

Local teams’ success, such as Portland Thorns FC’s NWSL championship win in 2022 and second-place finish in 2023, has built momentum for fans and bettors. This has led to more bets being placed on their success due to their track record!

Upcoming Events 

Nothing beats the experience of participating in your favorite OR sporting event. Whether you’re focused on the Super Bowl or the Rose Bowl, there is a plethora of events to keep in mind. We’ve collected the most important of them right here on this page so that you never miss out.

We keep this list updated, so make sure that you check back often!

Are There More Gambling Options in Oregon? 

If Oregon sports betting isn’t quite your cup of tea, we have great news! The state is home to various additional betting options. The most popular of these include casino gaming and horse racing. 

Casino betting in the state of Oregon is incredibly popular. The state is home to nine tribal casino operators located across the region:

  • Canyonville
  • Chiloquin
  • Florence
  • Grand Ronde
  • Lincoln City 
  • Madras
  • North Bend Coos Bay
  • Pendleton
  • Warm Springs

Beyond the tribal casinos above, Oregonians can wager on video slot machines offered by the Oregon State Lottery.

Horse racing is another popular activity in Oregon. The Oregon Racing Commission is responsible for overseeing equine betting in the state. Bettors can take advantage of commercial race meets, off-track wagering locations and summer race meets.

Maximizing Your Bets

Once you have a handle on Oregon sports betting laws, you can start wagering. Before you do that, however, you need to know how to maximize your bets. We’ll also cover how gambling taxes work in Oregon and what you can expect when filing your annual income tax return.

Tips and Strategies for Oregon Bettors

When I started betting, I was a little overwhelmed and made a few not-so-smart bets. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes! That’s why I’ve pulled together some of the best tips I can find about maximizing your Oregon sports betting wagers:

  • Comprehend the market: First, make sure that you understand the sports market you’re betting on. Do you understand how the tournaments work and when they take place? How about the most successful teams in the state? The goal is to familiarize yourself with the market so that you understand which teams are predicted winners as well as which are promising underdogs.
  • Understand odd types: Next, you need to understand how sports betting odds work as well as some of the most common bet types.
  • Manage your risks: You need to learn how to manage your bankroll and your risks. Discipline yourself and set budgets so that you don’t end up spending more than you want to. Know when to stop, and don’t go chasing wins.

→ For more expert strategies, consult our educative page on how to become a better sports bettor.

Understanding Taxes and Payouts 

Oregon sports betting taxes are pretty easy to understand. You pay income tax on your profit. Any wins over $600 will generate a ‘Form W-2G – Certain Gambling Winnings’. Sportsbooks should automatically offer this form to their winners.

Winnings over $1,500 are taxed at 8%, while those over $5,000 are taxed at 24%. Bettors are allowed to deduct their losses from their wins and only pay for what is left over. 

Example: If you win $1,000 in one financial year but lose $500, you only have to pay taxes on the $500 in profit after losses are subtracted. 

How do you pay taxes on sports betting? In addition to the information above, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide about sports betting taxes in the US.

What About Physical Sports Betting Locations? 

Oregon is home to three retail sports betting locations:

  • Chinook Winds Casino Resort, St. Lincoln City: This resort offers various entertainment, dining and casino experiences, along with sports betting opportunities.
  • The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park, North Bend: Overlooking a beautiful bay, this hotel has high-class hotel rooms, dining experiences, and casino and sports betting.
  • Spirit Mountain Casino, Grand Ronde: From dining and events to casino games and sports betting excitement, Spirit Mountain offers plenty of things to fill your time with, along with a rewards program for member benefits and discounts.

All three of these providers offer bettors a seamless and polished sports betting experience. Chinook Winds Casino Resort is probably our favorite. It has four stars on Google Reviews, with one visitor noting:

It’s a nice casino and we’ve always enjoyed our visits. Decent affordable eats on the casino floor, try the clam chowder! We win sometimes, and we have attended many shows and events. Many holidays here and the events are fun and free.

From Google Review

So, Will You Bet from Oregon Tonight?

Now that you have everything you need to know about Oregon sports betting, you can dive in! Remember the tips and advice we’ve offered when you gamble, especially when it comes to maximizing your bets.

Are you ready to get started? Here are some sports betting tools that can help!