Understanding Your Bankroll in Sports Betting: Bankroll Management for Winning Bettors

Did you ever wonder how successful sports bettors became successful? Two words: budget management!

Implementing proper bankroll management is crucial not only for managing your winnings, but also for maintaining a high confidence level in your betting decisions.

Our comprehensive guide is designed to walk you through everything you need to know about bankroll, ensuring that by the time you finish reading, you’ll be fully equipped to manage your funds effectively and bet with greater success.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover how you can manage your sports betting budget to become a winner.
  • Spot out the common mistakes to avoid losing all your money!

What is a Bankroll? Definition Of Key Sports Betting Term

A bankroll is the total amount of money you have set aside for your gambling activity, which is critical for professional sports bettors. When you deposit $1,500 into an online sportsbook, that amount becomes your bankroll.

It’s crucial that this number be something you can afford to lose, providing you with the flexibility to make multiple bets.

To delve deeper, the concept of a bankroll extends beyond just the funds in your account. It encompasses the total amount you are comfortable risking. Considering the ease of depositing money to bet on sports, the limit of a bankroll can seem flexible.

For example: If your account balance stands at $850, that is your bankroll until you decide to increase it by adding another $1,150.

A bankroll is the amount of money you have set aside for sports betting.


Thinking about bankroll management on a broader scale involves determining the percentage of your bankroll to use on each bet, adjusting your bet size based on betting odds, and maintaining discipline during a winning or losing streak. This approach maximizes your betting efficiency and safeguards your finances over the long term.

The Role of a Bankroll in Betting Strategy: How Bankroll Management Increases the Odds of Success

Sometimes referred to as a ‘starting bankroll’, it determines how much you can wager in sports betting.

Setting Your Financial Limits: Before engaging in betting across popular leagues like:

  • NBA
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • Premier League…

It is crucial to establish your financial boundaries. Knowing these limits helps in planning how much you can comfortably wager without financial strain.

Strategic Betting and Bet Allocation: Once you have determined your initial bankroll, say $500, the next step is to decide how much of that you will commit to each bet. This decision is crucial in preventing the overstretching of your funds and ensuring that each bet is placed thoughtfully.

Using the Kelly Criterion Model: To optimize each bet, consider using the Kelly Criterion system. This formula helps you calculate the optimal bet amount by considering your total bankroll, the decimal odds of the bets, and your perceived edge over the bookmaker.

The model advises on the percentage of your bankroll to wager on each bet, aiming to maximize growth and minimize risk.

Implementing Smart Betting Decisions: By applying these strategies, whether betting on FanDuel, DraftKings, or any other platform, you can make informed and smart gambling choices. Managing your bankroll effectively ensures that you gamble within your means and increase your chances of profitable outcomes.

Every sports bettor should always be conscious of their bankroll, no matter how often or how much they intend to bet. To be successful, it’s necessary to blend your sports knowledge and research with a tiny bit of mathematical precision.

Mitchell South, Gambling Expert at Sports Betting Dime

Why is Bankroll Important? Understanding Deposits and Withdrawals In the Big Picture!

As we have shown above, there are several reasons why a bankroll is. It is crucial in and of itself, but it is also vital to understand how it works. Manage the bankroll, but also learn about it. You will be better off!

Avoiding Common Pitfalls: Keep Track of Problems You Face

One of the biggest pitfalls for many gamblers is wagering with money they cannot afford to lose. This regularly happens due to chasing losses or simply not being aware of the total amount being gambled.

  • Understanding your bankroll—what it is and how it should be managed—is essential for maintaining safe gambling habits.

When I began gambling, my grasp on budget management was limited, which unfortunately led to the sportsbook benefiting more than I would have liked. From that experience, I learned the importance of excelling in bankroll management strategies.

  • Implementing strict guidelines about how much money to allocate per bet was a crucial step toward smarter gambling.

To help me keep track of my wallet, I created an Excel file dedicated to my bankroll. By mastering these aspects of bankroll management, you can ensure a more controlled and successful betting experience.

Money management strategies are ways to maximize your chances of continuing to win while minimizing your risk of losing it back.

Bankroll management methods are extremely powerful, and they’re an absolute must for winning gamblers.

Gambling pro Richard Janvrin of WSN

Setting the Ground for Professional Betting: How Pros Pick Their Money

South, of Sports Betting Dime, also mentioned that professionals rarely ever bet more than 1% of their bankroll on any single event. This does a couple of things.

  1. It prevents any losses from being major trouble. Pros accept that they might lose some, and this bankroll strategy ensures that a loss isn’t catastrophic.
  2. This allows you to gamble for longer. If you blow it all on one same-game parlay, then you’re not going to be able to place a parlay wager anywhere else. 

This is much harder if you’re playing with a small amount of money, which professionals usually aren’t, but you have to be able to adapt.

→ I recommend keeping the percentage that you gamble of your total bankroll pretty small. Assess where your funds are and decide how much of it needs to go to a certain prediction, as I stated above! 

Bankroll Basics: What You Need to Know

Bankrolls may not be as simple as they seem. There are many moving parts and their importance is often overlooked. Nevertheless, we aim to arm you with everything you need regarding this topic, so here’s what you will undoubtedly have to know. 

Size and Allocation For Sportsbook Bankroll

The size and allocation of your bankroll depends on quite a few factors:

  1. Financial status
  2. Other responsibilities
  3. Comfort level
  4. Other people involved

The financial comfort level of you and those other people involved is key: parents, spouses, children, friends, or others who might share in finances.

If you’re not comfortable putting in a certain amount of money, don’t!

How you perceive the amount of money is a big consideration. $2,000 is a lot to some people, but not so much to others. 

I generally keep my bankroll fairly small. This prevents me from putting too much money on a single bet, and it keeps me from losing the money I need for things if I’m wrong, which certainly happens!

With less money to gamble, I can lose less. I can also win less, but that’s the sweet spot I’ve found that works for me and my family!

The Psychological Factor of Bankrolls in Gambling

The psychology plays a crucial, often underrated role in betting. The size of your bankroll can significantly influence your confidence and gambling behavior. A larger bankroll might boost your confidence, encouraging bolder bets, while a smaller one could make you more conservative, affecting your win probability and return on investment.

Research published in the Journal of Gambling Studies highlights a psychological paradox: players winning more hands tend to collect less money overall. This phenomenon underscores the psychological impact of the size of your bankroll on your gambling decisions.

Improve Your Sports Betting Skills with a Well Monitored Bankroll

Truly understanding the dynamics of a bankroll is fundamental to successful sports betting at sportsbooks. Not only does it contribute to smarter betting decisions, but it also helps extend your gambling life.

We offer various resources on bankroll management strategies in our betting 101 section, including how to determine the suggested wager size based on your bankroll, which can keep you financially secure while allowing you to bet optimally.

For more insights and expert guidance on maximizing your betting efficiency, refer to our resources and learn how to manage your bankroll effectively to enhance your bets and profits.