Nevada Online Sports Betting Guide 2024

Have you ever wondered how Nevada sports betting works? If so, you’re in luck! We’ve created a comprehensive beginner’s guide to get you up and running in no time.

Remember, bets are better when they are made with industry knowledge behind them. From legal mobile sportsbooks in Nevada to budget creation and welcome promos, we have everything you need to know about sports gambling right here. 

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • Find out if online sportsbook betting is legal in Nevada. 
  • Learn more about the top three online sportsbooks in the state!

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Nevada?

Is online sports betting legal in Nevada? The answer here is an emphatic yes! In fact, the history of NV’s gambling law is surprisingly complex. Gaming was first made legal in 1869, five years after Nevada officially gained statehood. For roughly 40 years, the activity was lawful, albeit rather tumultuous due to nearly no regulation. 

In 1909, all forms of gambling were banned, with the law taking effect in October 1910. In 1913, while commercial gambling remained illegal, open gambling was made legal once more. This meant that bettors could gamble against each other, but not at dedicated gambling houses. 

It wasn’t until the Great Depression hit the state that NV officially made commercial gambling legal again. From here on out, it has been mostly smooth sailing. The Nevada Gaming Control Board was formed in 1955 and given the regulatory power it needed to effectively guide the industry in 1959 via the Gaming Control Act. 

The Act created the Nevada Gaming Commission, which is the operating arm of the Gaming Control Board and acts on recommendations developed by the Board. Today, Chapter 463 guides gambling in Nevada.

How many US states have legalized sports betting in addition to Nevada? Keep reading to find out more! 

10 Quick Facts About Nevada’s Sports Betting Laws

Sports betting in Nevada has been legal for nearly 100 years! The state has long been the home of gambling in the US, and its gambling history is long and storied.

Here are 10 of our favorite facts about Nevada sports betting:

  1. Nevada’s law: Modern gambling in Nevada was legalized in 1931 when then-Governor Balzar signed a ‘wide open’ gambling law that year. This move came in response to the financial devastation of the state caused by the Great Depression. Online sports betting was legalized in 2010, making Nevada one of the first states to do so.
  2. Legal age: If you want to try your hand at Nevada sports betting, you need to be at least 21 years old
  3. State borders: Nevada shares borders with a total of five states. In the north, the state is bordered by Oregon and Idaho. Utah and Arizona lie along its eastern border, and California rests along the western borderline. California and Arizona also border Nevada in the south. Oregon and Arizona are the bordering states that also offer online sports betting opportunities. 
  4. Retail bookmakers: The Silver State is home to a great many retail bookmakers, all located in Las Vegas:
    • ARIA Resort & Casino
    • Aliante Casino, Hotel, & Spa
    • Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
    • Luxor Hotel & Casino and MGM Grand
  5. Taxes: If you win big in Nevada, you can expect to pay a 6.75% tax on your earnings. Note that your winnings might be subject to additional taxes – make sure that you check before you play! 
  6. First era: Nevada first legalized gambling in 1869, five years after it became a state. While the state went through a few law revisions and setbacks over the years, Nevada’s first gambling era set the stage for today’s gaming mecca.
  7. Second era: The first era closed in 1909 when gambling was declared illegal in the state. In 1931, gambling returned with a fervor. Then-Governor Balzar signed legislation that kick-started the second era of gambling in Nevada. 
  8. The start of taxes: Until 1945, no taxes were imposed on gambling gross revenue. That year, everything changed when a tax rate of 1% was leveraged on revenue (profit) over $3,000.
  9. Early regulation: In 1955, the Nevada Gaming Control Board was created. In 1959, it became directly responsible for gaming regulation. Before 1959, the state’s Tax Commission had been responsible for approving licensees and overseeing gambling regulation.
  10. Board members: The Nevada Gaming Control Board consists of three members supported by over 100 dedicated staff.

How to Bet on Sports in Nevada?

Nevada sports betting is pretty straightforward. Whether you want to get in on the retail action or are interested in Nevada sports betting apps, getting involved shouldn’t be a complex process. To help make it even easier, we’ll provide a quick guide covering all the main steps you need to take along the way. 

Is online sports betting legal in Nevada? Yes, it is! And there is a plethora of providers to choose from. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. Pick a bookmaker: First up, pick a bookmaker you trust! Look for well-established online providers regulated and licensed by trustworthy regulatory authorities. Look first to online sportsbooks sanctioned by the state (we’ll discuss some of these a bit later).
  2. Register your account and verify your identity: Once you’ve found the right sportsbook provider for your online Nevada sports betting needs, it’s time to register a new account. Registration buttons should be displayed clearly on the sportsbook homepage. Once you have registered and provided the information needed to verify your identity (your state ID, typically), you’re ready for the next step. 
  3. Fund your account: You’re almost there! Before you can place that first bet, you need to add money to your account. Visit the payments page, add your method of choice, and transfer money to your account.
  4. Make a bet: Place your bet! Visit the sports betting page; pick your market, bet type, and wager amount; and hit ‘submit’!

I remember my first online bet being a bit nerve-wracking, but don’t worry – you’ve picked a secure sportsbook provider, and your funds are in good hands.

Top Nevada Sports Betting Sites and Apps

With such a long history of legal gambling, it should come as no surprise that Nevada is home to many quality bookmakers, all vying for your time and patronage. The sheer number of online providers can be overwhelming, so we’ve sorted through them to find the best of the best. 

How are the legal Nevada sports betting apps? Let’s take a look at the top three

BetMGM Sportsbook

  • Welcome Offer: Up to $1,500 paid back in bonus bets
  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Wagering Requirement: Bets must be made within seven days from registration 

BetMGM is one of the most popular online sportsbooks in Nevada. It is a fan favorite among bettors thanks to its large selection of betting markets, including fantasy sports and international sports, as well as popular domestic teams. From the Super Bowl to the Stanley Cup and everything in between, you’ll be able to find an event that interests you.

BetMGM Sportsbook‘s welcome offer for new users is a bonus bet offer worth up to $1,500 if their first bet loses. The bonus payout matches the initial wager amount. If you bet $10, for example, and you lose, you receive $10 in bonus bets. If you like to bet on events around the world, BetMGM is an excellent choice

Caesars Sportsbook

  • Welcome Offer: Up to $50
  • Minimum Deposit: N/A
  • Wagering Requirement: You must wager up to $50 within 30 days after registration

Caesars Palace is a name known worldwide, and for good reason. The casino, hotel, and sportsbook chain consistently provides impeccable service and an incredible atmosphere for bettors.

The welcome bonus at Caesars offers new users a matching bonus bet on their first wager. If you wager $30, for example, you receive $30 in bonus money (which can only be used to place a bet with the online sportsbook). 

The maximum amount for this offer is $50, and the value of the bonus bet is not included in payouts. A bonus bet of $10 that wins $30, in other words, results in a $20 payout. Caesars Sportsbook is nothing if not consistent, and it has a respectable pool of betting markets along with many bet types

SuperBook Westgate Las Vegas

  • Welcome Offer: Up to $100
  • Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Wagering Requirement: $100 in sports wagers & loyalty program enrollment

Westgate is a well-established casino provider in Las Vegas, and it’s branching out into online sportsbooks. You can download its mobile app for access to easy betting and a wide variety of sports markets. 

SuperBook Sportsbook‘s welcome promotion offers users $100 in bonus funds after they make $100 in sports wagers. Bettors must also enroll in the provider’s rewards program, Play+, in the app once registered. The good news is that this promotion requires no bonus code to claim – funds are automatically added to your account once the requirements are met.

Note: Wagering requirements must be met by December 31, 2024, to receive bonus funds.

Popular Sports and Teams in the Nevada Betting Scene

Sports might not be the first activity you think of when you picture Nevada, but the state has a rousing athletics industry filled with talented players and passionate fans. The most popular sports in the state are football, baseball, women’s basketball, and hockey, in line with the rest of the country.

Something to note here is that the industry is actively expanding, with the future bright for attracting teams in all the Big Four leagues:

Some of the most notable professional teams in Nevada include:

  • Vegas Golden Knights (NHL)
  • Las Vegas Raiders (NBL)
  • Las Vegas Aces (WNBA)
  • Las Vegas Aviators (MLB)

For collegiate sports fans, the selection is much smaller but no less impressive:

  • Nevada Wolf Pack (football, University of Nevada, Reno)
  • Runnin’ Rebels (basketball, University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
  • Lady Rebels (basketball, University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

With so many excellent local teams, you might not be surprised to learn that some players quickly become region-wide favorites. 

One of the most popular players in the state is Chelsea Gray. She plays for the Aces and is poised to represent the USA at the Olympics. Often referred to as the ‘Point Gawd’, her presence can make or break a season.

According to Callie Lawson-Freeman, a sportswriter and avid fan based in Nevada, the news of Gray potentially recovering from an injury had a revitalizing impact on sports markets in the state:

Just like that, conversations surrounding the WNBA’s two-time reigning champions shifted. The Aces (5-5) suffered their third consecutive loss Tuesday night at the hands of the Minnesota Lynx, but with Gray seemingly nearing her season debut, the floodgates of optimistic social media posts from fans have opened once again.

That’s the power of the Point Gawd.

Callie Lawson-Freeman

The Impact of Local Teams on Sports Betting 

Sports team performance has a big impact on local sports betting trends. Hopes were high for the Golden Knights as they came off a stellar 2022-2023 season that culminated in a Stanley Cup win. At the beginning of the 2023-2024 season, the Knights were projected to potentially repeat their 2023 win.

Their odds raised to 10-1 according to Todd Dewey:

Only two teams have repeated as Stanley Cup champions in the 21st century: The 2016-17 Pittsburgh Penguins and 2020-21 Tampa Bay Lightning. What are the odds that the Golden Knights will join them?

They’re 10-1 at the Westgate SuperBook – the same Stanley Cup odds they had last season when the playoffs started.

Todd Dewey

Unfortunately, their playoff run ended without a Stanley Cup in the season, leading odds to fall and bets on other teams to rise.

Upcoming Events 

Do you have your eye on Nevada online sports betting this year? We’ll keep you updated with the very latest information on all of your favorite events. Check back here frequently for breaking information! 

Are There More Gambling Options in Nevada? 

Two of the most popular activities you can bet on in the state of Nevada beyond sports betting are casino gambling and horse racing. The former will likely be familiar, but you might not know that the state’s horse racing industry is among the most popular in the country.

Let’s take a closer look:

  • Casino: When it comes to retail and online casino gaming options, few states have as prolific an offering as Nevada. The casino industry has been an incredibly popular and profitable one in the state for decades, and today offers live table games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette, among others, as well as video slots. Players can participate online or in person.
  • Horse racing: It is another common gambling activity. Nevada online sports betting regulations allow bettors to gamble on most races at the state’s online sportsbooks, or they can visit a racetrack or sportsbook in person to bet. 

Maximizing Your Bets

Mobile sports betting in Nevada might be fun, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a plan. We recommend that you take some time to consider how to maximize your bet. 

Tips and Strategies for Nevada Bettors 

The first step to maximizing your bets is choosing what you spend and where you spend it carefully. From managing your budget to getting the most bang for your buck, we can help.

Here is a list of tips for all Nevada bettors:

  1. Before you ever place your first wager, you should look into the best sportsbooks available in the state. What do we mean? Pay attention to Nevada sports betting promos.
    New registrants often have access to welcome bonuses, which can include things such as free bets and losses payback. Taking advantage of them can help stretch your funds.
  2. Next, make a budget. What can you easily afford to lose? It might be tempting to add money to your budget once it starts dwindling, but stay strong and instead plan how you spend carefully. When you put real thought into your wagers, you’ll place a higher emphasis on odds and make smarter betting choices. This, in turn, can help you maximize your money.
  3. Don’t forget to keep your account in good standing! You can’t get paid if your account is frozen or unconfirmed, so make sure to provide all requested information promptly after you register. I once forgot to finish the verification process and had my account frozen on a winning bet. Do better than I did. 

For more information about how to get better at sports betting, read our handy 101 guide!

Understanding Taxes and Payouts 

Nevada has some of the best consumer tax rates on gambling winnings in the country! You can expect to pay a 6.75% tax on your earnings, but not all earnings are taxable. According to CFP Matthew Frankel (writing for Yahoo! Finance), you are allowed to deduct losses from winnings and report only the profit. 

Example: Let’s say that you place two bets – Bet A for $1,000 and Bet B for $500 – for a total of $1,500. You win Bet A, but lose Bet B. This leaves you with $500 profit out of the $1,500 pot. You would claim taxes on the $500 profit, not the $1,000 Bet A win.

With all of that said, when do you have to pay taxes on sports betting? Take a look at our quick guide for more information on how taxes on gambling profits work. 

What About Physical Sports Betting Locations? 

Nevada sports betting laws allow wagering at certain retail locations around the state. These are typically dedicated sports lounges, often within larger casinos and hotels.

For instance, BetMGM sports betting in Nevada takes place inside the MGM Grand, a large casino in Las Vegas.

Three of the most popular NV physical sports betting locations are:

  • Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
  • MGM Grand
  • Luxor Hotel & Casino

Of these, Caesars is consistently rated the highest. Here is what one visitor had to say on TripAdvisor:

We didn’t stay here but gambled here and dined. I must say, I’ve always loved Caesars (…) just the atmosphere and ambiance. Planning on staying here in the near future.

This casino, you don’t even have to leave or go anywhere else, it has it all: gambling, hotel, shopping, dining, and fun!

TripAdvisor Review

If you’re looking for enjoyable retail gambling with a little bit of flair, Caesars might be the place for you. 

So, Will You Bet from Nevada Tonight?

Now that you’ve made it all the way through this article, you’re ready to begin your journey into Nevada sports betting!

Keep this information, particularly the betting tips we shared, in mind as you find the perfect online sportsbook and get started. Would you like to learn more about how to properly manage your bankroll for your next betting adventures? We have a great guide to help.