New Hampshire Online Sports Betting Guide 2024

Are you looking for New Hampshire sports betting experiences? Finding a reputable bookmaker online or offline in NH isn’t always as easy as it seems.

Never fear! Below, we’ll take you through a brief history of New Hampshire’s online sports betting laws, the best bookmakers available for you to bet at and how you can make the most of your sports wagers.

With this knowledge, you can narrow your list down to a bookmaker or two that support your betting and banking needs. You’ll also be extra-clear on how taxation on gambling works in New Hampshire too.

So, let’s take a quick look at the main takeaways you’ll get from this New Hampshire sports betting guide.

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • Find out about betting laws in New Hampshire.
  • Learn about DraftKings and its monopoly in the state.
  • Find physical places to bet in the NH state.
  • Discover local and nearby teams to bet on.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in New Hampshire?

Yes, online sports betting is legal in New Hampshire. But what about retail betting? Is sports betting legal in New Hampshire in general? The answer is also yes.

There are a few retail betting locations in NH run by DraftKings, though it’s illegal to bet on for-profit casino games in the state. However, it’s one of the most balanced states that allow online sports betting in the US. Take a look at the linked guide for other areas and their laws.

In short, New Hampshire allows betting on sports such as licensed horse racing and dog racing events online and offline, according to its list of statutes.

New Hampshire only recently made online and offline betting legal across the state, meaning there’s a chance the law might relax further. Otherwise, it’s legal to bet on charitable games, such as bingo.

Interestingly, the Granite State allows people to bet on sports from the age of 18. This is notable as in many states, you need to be at least 21 to start placing wagers. While New Hampshire still has some betting and gambling restrictions in place, it appears to be one of several states starting to relax.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the most important dates in New Hampshire’s gambling legalization path:

  • July 2019: New Hampshire votes to legalize online sports betting with the passage of HB 480.
  • December 2019: DraftKings opens for business in New Hampshire.
  • August 2020: New Hampshire votes to legalize retail sports betting.

10 Quick Facts About New Hampshire’s Sports Betting Laws

Let’s take a look at some quick, but crucial facts about New Hampshire sports betting laws:

  1. Title XXIV Coverage: New Hampshire’s sports betting laws are under Title XXIV, which includes Chapter 287-I: “Sports Betting” and “Sports Book Authorized.” Oversight is provided by the Gaming Regulatory Oversight Authority (GROA).
  2. Betting Age: The legal age for sports betting in New Hampshire is 18+, covering online, retail, and charitable event betting.
  3. Neighboring States: New Hampshire borders Maine (allows online/offline betting), Massachusetts (allows online/offline betting), and Vermont (allows online betting only). Canada also has varying provincial rules on sports betting.
  4. Single Online Sportsbook: DraftKings holds a monopoly on online sports betting in New Hampshire, sharing about half of its adjusted revenue with the state.
  5. Retail Betting Locations: Currently, DraftKings operates retail sportsbooks at The Brook Casino (Seabrook) and The Filotimo Casinos (Dover and Manchester).
  6. Potential for More Retail Locations: There is approval for additional retail sportsbooks in Berlin, Franklin, Hampton, Derry, and Claremont.
  7. High Tax Rate: New Hampshire imposes a 51% tax on gambling winnings, one of the highest rates in the US, which has generated significant state revenue.
  8. Restricted Bets: Betting on non-professional college and high school teams and games within the state is prohibited.
  9. No Commercial Casinos: For-profit casinos are illegal, and only charitable entities can offer casino games. Online casino gaming is limited to sweepstakes and social casinos.
  10. 16th State to Legalize: New Hampshire was the 16th state to legalize sports betting following the 2018 Supreme Court decision overturning PASPA.

How to Bet on Sports in New Hampshire?

Betting on sports online in New Hampshire is pretty simple, and it all starts with you heading to DraftKings.

  1. Head to DraftKings’ registration page: When I registered with DraftKings, I went straight to the registration page, which is easy to find from the main site’s “Sign Up” section.
  2. Provide your information: As expected, DraftKings asks for personal details to verify your identity. When I registered, they asked for an email, a username, a password, a phone number, and a promo code. I needed to verify my identity and after providing a few more details, I logged in and explored the markets.
  3. Explore the sportsbook: It was effortless to browse the different sports markets available at DraftKings. I decided to look at NFL events, chose the match I wanted to bet on, and added it to my betting slip with a click.
    I built up my maximum bet slip with 12 picks and then toggled a few single bets for parlays. Locking in the bet was as easy as clicking “Place Bet” and then waiting for the outcome.

DraftKings is refreshingly easy to navigate and work with, and I’ve returned to the site several times when betting in the state.

Top New Hampshire Sports Betting Sites and Apps

Presently, there’s not much to select from regarding New Hampshire sports betting sites! What sports betting apps are legal in New Hampshire? The only current option of DraftKings Sportsbook.

That said, DraftKings is a fantastic sportsbook provider. Below, I provide a rundown of what’s available in terms of bonus offers and betting markets.


  • Welcome Offer: Up to $150 in bonus bets
  • Minimum Deposit: $5
  • Wagering Requirement: New customers need to deposit a minimum of $5 and wager the funds. Bonus bets will automatically be credited to your account.

Even though it’s the only online bookmaker available for residents of New Hampshire to bet on, DraftKings is an impressive sportsbook with tons of opportunities.

Beyond the generous New Hampshire sports betting bonus, it’s easy to find markets for sports such as:

  • Boxing
  • Football
  • e-Sports
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Baseball
  • Even niche sports like: corn hole

Both the desktop site and the mobile version of DraftKings are compact, with menus crammed with account options and statistics. There’s also plenty of help and support available with a single click.

Popular Sports and Teams in New Hampshire Betting Scene

What’s interesting about New Hampshire compared to other states close by is that there’s not a huge professional sports scene. Much of the time, sports fans enjoy watching high school and college sports!

There is at least one team worth watching if you’re keen to bet on local New Hampshire talent, though.


Specifically, we’re referring to the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, the state’s premier baseball team.

Fun fact: The Fisher Cats have played as an affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays in the Minor League since 2003.

However, the team was also previously affiliated with the Colorado Rockies, the Seattle Mariners, and the St. Louis Cardinals. The Fisher Cats currently play in the Eastern League in the Northeast Division and are a Double-A team.

In fact, the team’s been going from strength to strength in recent times, with the Fisher Cats claiming an impressive 62 wins to 72 losses in the 2023 season.

The team finished in fourth place overall, with local heroes Damiano Palmegiani and Will Robertson helping out with 19 home runs each. Anyone interested in checking out the Fisher Cats up close can head to the 6,500-capacity Delta Dental Stadium located in Manchester. 

College Basketball

Another of the most notable teams worth watching is the New Hampshire Wildcats.

At the time of writing, the Wildcats have yet to produce any NBA talent, though that’s not to say they’re incapable of training stars up for the big league. They produced Bill Bowles, for example, who’s been recognized as a college coach Hall of Famer.

College Football

Over in the world of college football, New Hampshire has the Dartmouth Big Green. The Big Green has claimed at least 21 Ivy Championships since launch, and early in the team’s lifetime, they managed to win the National Championship.

Unfortunately, the team’s record in more recent years has been a little patchier, but things could change!

As mentioned above, we were surprised to learn that college sports betting is illegal in New Hampshire. So, while you’re permitted to enjoy amateur sports as a spectator here, you can’t legally place wagers on games and matches.

The Impact of Local Teams on Sports Betting

As there’s not a huge professional sports scene in New Hampshire right now, it’s safe to assume that many people betting in NH look towards neighboring states such as Maine and Massachusetts.

For example, many bettors likely look toward the famous New England Patriots, and NFL Super Bowl giants who are the pride of Massachusetts. There’s the Boston Red Sox for baseball, too.

Looking at revenue statistics for sports betting in New Hampshire, we can easily assume sports fans choose a mix of local and national events. As recently as April 2024, the state posted betting revenue of more than $59m – which is actually down by 8%.

Following the legalization of sports betting in New Hampshire, the state posted an incredible revenue of $292,594,088 in 2020. That’s likely to be a huge boost for the state treasury, which takes around half of the proceeds.

Upcoming Events

Wondering what sporting events are coming up for you to bet on in New Hampshire and the surrounding area? Below, we’ve created a rolling guide of upcoming matches and games to help you build your betting calendar.

Keep checking in with us for the latest updates and bookmark this page!

Are There More Gambling Options in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire might not allow traditional casino betting and only recently allowed sports bets, but there’s still plenty for you to play here. Here’s a quick rundown of other gambling options in the NH state.

  • Charitable Betting: Although for-profit casino gaming is banned in New Hampshire, it’s legal to play games for charity, or through a sweepstakes or social casino. This means you can play bingo, poker, and other card games, provided the proceeds go to an officially recognized cause.
    Fact: The maximum bets available for charity betting have increased over the years too, particularly as state revenue from these gambling activities continues to grow.
  • State Lottery: The New Hampshire Lottery is the oldest lottery in the US. It was written into law in 1964, and players can participate by playing lotto games and scratchcards.
    Fact: Like sports betting, the lottery has proven very profitable for the state over the years. In 2023, the New Hampshire Lottery posted profits of over $603m.

Maximizing Your Bets

If you’re betting in New Hampshire and want to know more about maximizing your wagers, refer to our complete guide. Here’s a quick sample.

Tips and Strategies for New Hampshire Bettors

Here is a list of efficient tips and strategies for NH bettors that I, myself, apply for my sports bets.

Be analytical

When I place sports bets, I try to dive deep into statistics. How has a particular team performed over the last few matches? Do the Fisher Cats usually play well against a particular team?

When I take a statistical view of betting, I can make more confident choices. Baseball analytics can get complex — especially when you consider the difference between players’ hitting records, for example.

Try to develop a statistical mindset and drink in all the data you can for more accurate decision-making!

Know when to walk away

It’s never healthy to chase losses or to assume you’re due to break a losing streak. So, be careful to set your own limits if you make or lose a specific amount of money during betting.

Example: I set high and low limits for my bets. When I exceed expectations past a certain point, I quit. The same applies to losing, so I never leave a bet with zero cash.

Look for different betting experiences

New Hampshire’s professional betting scene is minimal, so be willing to look at what other states offer.

Example: If I’m betting in NH, I try to see how the Red Sox are doing. 

→ Need more tips? Check out our guide on how to be better at sports betting.

Understanding Taxes and Payouts

As with other states in the US, sports betting and taxes go hand in hand in New Hampshire. The state’s gambling tax rate is pretty high compared to the rest of the country, at 51%.

Generally, the IRS triggers a collection form for sportsbooks on winnings that exceed $600. However, you must report all gambling winnings to the IRS regardless of the amount.

Specifically, you must complete a W-2G form and detail how much you’ve won during the past tax year. It’s always wise to try to keep clear records of what you’ve won and where, so there’s zero doubt between you and the IRS. 

Getting your gambling taxes right means you can avoid fines and even legal action. If you’re unsure, be sure to read our guide linked above, or reach out to a professional tax advisor.

What About Physical Sports Betting Locations?

Let’s break down the three main retail betting locations in New Hampshire you can visit, along with some genuine reviews:

The Brook Casino, Seabrook

The Brook is located off New Zealand Road and is the largest of the state’s three sportsbook retail locations.

Facebook page:

Great sports book. Plenty of comfortable seating. Individual TVs at your seat along with many big TVs up on the wall. Table service for drinks and food. Clean, well run and easy access from the highway with plenty of free parking.

George N., Google

The Filotimo Casino, Dover

Based on Central Avenue and part of the Shaws Plaza Shopping Center, Dover’s Filotimo Casino houses a DraftKings sportsbook and is the highest-rated in New Hampshire.


I have only been able to go once so far, but I found it very interesting, with gorgeous games and courteous attendants. The gaming experience was fantastic, and I can’t wait to go back.

Dorothy B., Google

The Filotimo Casino, Manchester

Dover’s sister casino and sportsbook is available off Exit 1 via Manchester’s Route 293. Like the above, it offers betting facilities supplied by DraftKings, along with food and drink services.


It’s always a good time, and a great environment! Awesome games, outgoing employees, and great management!

Brittani K., Google 

So, Will You Bet from New Hampshire Tonight?

Now you know more about the online sports betting New Hampshire has to offer, that it’s legal to bet on sports here, and that DraftKings NH is the place to head to. This applies to both online and retail gambling!

We recommend you look at DraftKings online for yourself. Take a look at the different markets available and take time to register and read the terms and conditions.

Still unsure how to get started with betting in New Hampshire? From here, be sure to look at our complete guide to betting tools and calculators and start making more confident wagers!