What is a Yankee Bet in Sports Betting?

Tired of placing traditional straight bets? Or do you desire a more daring and rewarding sports betting experience? Then, Yankee bet is your best bet!

Implying from its name, you may understandably assume that this type of bet involves American sports. However, while you can place Yankee bets on teams in the US, you can also use it for sports from all over the world.

So what is a Yankee bet in sports betting, and how can it improve your chances of winning big? Find out the answers to this question and more in this guide. You will also learn how to use them in different sports like football and horse racing and how its calculator works. 

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • A Yankee bet gives you 11 different bets, including 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 fourfold accumulator
  • You can place a Yankee on various sports, particularly horse racing and football
  • Use a Yankee bet calculator to quickly calculate your returns and profits
  • Yankee Bet’s four selections make the wager highly rewarding but also risky, so bet wisely

Definition of a Yankee Bet

A Yankee bet is a wager that features 11 individual bets, including 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 fourfold accumulator. Imagine having the ability to combine 11 different bets into one; that’s what you get from this type of bet. 

You need four selections to place a Yankee bet. The four games can be in any sport, but I will advise you to select football or horse racing games. 

Based on your four selections, you will be able to place:

  • 6x double bets
  • 4x trebles
  • 1x fourfold bet

To get the maximum payout from this wager, you require the trebles or fourfold to win, which means all your four selections must be successful. But then, you can still get a return on this bet even if one or two selections lose. 

Yankee bets have the potential to give you sizable winnings unmatched by many bet types. I will prove this to you in the examples shared in other sections of this guide. 

Components of a Yankee Bet

Now, we have established the fact that a Yankee bet has 11 different individual bets, which are 6x double bets, 4x trebles, and 1x fourfold accumulator.

Using a table, let’s break down each component and see how they contribute to your Yankee bet.

BetSelections (ABCD)Quantity
DoubleA+B A+C, A+D, B+C, B+D, C+D6
TrebleA+B+C, A+B+D, A+C+D, B+C+D4
  • Doubles: As you can see, you pair up each of the four selections in every possible way to get 6 bets
  • Trebles: By using three of the four selections, we arrive at four trebles 
  • Accumulator: Lastly, we create a four-fold accumulator bet by selecting all four choices.

Here is a realistic example to give you a deeper understanding of this multi-leg wager: Let’s assume you select four home teams from the NFL to win their games with these odds:

  • Team A: New England Patriots: 2.0
  • Team B: Kansas City Chiefs: 1.8
  • Team C: Green Bay Packers: 2.2
  • Team D: Dallas Cowboys: 1.5

Here is how your 11 combinations will look like based on these four selections:

Doubles Trebles Fourfold 
A+B: (2.0 * 1.8) = 3.6A+B+C: (2.0 * 1.8 * 2.2) = 7.92A+B+C+D: (2.0 * 1.8 * 2.2 * 1.5) = 11.88
A+C: (2.0 * 2.2) = 4.4A+B+D: (2.0 * 1.8 * 1.5) = 5.4
A+D: (2.0 * 1.5) = 3.0A+C+D: (2.0 * 2.2 * 1.5) = 6.6
B+C: (1.8 * 2.2) = 3.96B+C+D: (1.8 * 2.2 * 1.5) = 5.94
B+D: (1.8 * 1.5) = 2.7
C+D: (2.2 * 1.5) = 3.3

As demonstrated by the table above, to calculate your Yankee, you start by multiplying each single odds within each bet. After doing this for all 11 selections, you then need to add them together to determine your total odds.

→ In this case: 3.6 + 4.4 + 3.0 + 3.96 + 2.7 + 3.3 + 7.92 + 5.4 + 6.6 + 5.94 +11.88 = 58.70

So, let’s say you wager $1 per bet — making your total bet amount $11 since there are 11 bets; you will end up with a total payout of $58.70 ($1 x 58.70). To calculate the profit, you remove your initial stake of $11, bringing your overall profit to $48.70.

Keep in mind that the odds and your payouts will vary depending on the success of your games. 

How to Place a Yankee Bet

While Yankee bets may look complicated, it’s actually easy to place them online. Follow my step-by-step guide below to get started. 

In this guide, I will be using Bet365 sportsbook. While I am aware that several other sportsbooks offer Yankee bets, I find Bet365 to be more user-friendly and reliable. They also offer highly competitive odds to sweeten the deal. So, let’s dive into the process.

How to Place a Yankee Bet at Bet365:

  1. Sign up or log in at Bet365:The first thing you need to do is log in to your Bet365 account or sign up if you are not yet a member. Click sign up on the page, and fill in your details in the required fields. 
  2. Select Sport: Upon logging in, click on the left-hand menu on the homepage to see the list of sports available on the site. Click on soccer. You will be taken to a page where you will see all the upcoming games taking place on that day and the next few days.
  3. Pick Your Four Matches: Based on your research, select the four games or markets that will make up the 11 combinations in your wager. You are not limited to “match-outcome” bets alone; you can even go for O/U or 1st half outcomes. 
  4. Show More Multiples: After selecting your four games, click the Show More Multiples tab and scroll down to the Yankee option on the list. After that, input your stake per bet amount. The site will automatically calculate the stake for you.
  5. Place Bet:Confirm your selections and stake, then click Place Bet to complete your wager. 

Yankee Bet Calculator

A Yankee bet involves some calculations, and considering that it has 11 different wagers, you may find it difficult as a beginner. That’s why I recommend using Yankee bet calculators to work out the figures. Based on my experience, they are faster and leave no room for errors. 

Using Yankee bet calculators is straightforward. You will find different options at the top of the calculator and within the bet slip, which you need to set based on your odds. 

  • Odds type: Select from fractional, decimal, or American
  • Stake: Input your stake per bet (x11)
  • Conditions: Depending on the sports you are wagering on, you can either mark Each Way, Rule 4, or Dead Heat. This option isn’t applicable if you are betting on soccer.
  • Odds: Input your odds for each selection in the betting slip 

At the base of the tool, you will see the potential returns and profit if all your selections are successful. Besides the odds, you will find a win/place drop-down column that you can adjust depending on the outcome of your choice.

As the games in your selection win or lose, your potential returns and profits will change. 

Yankee Bets Across Different Sports

Yankee bets allow you to turn your small bets into big wins. So it’s great to know that you can use it across various sports like football (soccer), horse racing, tennis, cricket, baseball and more. Below, I will teach you how to use it on horse racing and football.

Yankee Bet in Horse Racing

You can place a Yankee bet on any horse racing games of your choice in the UK & Ireland and other international meetings. Here, you select four horses to win in different races. 

Depending on your bankroll size, you can also place an each-way Yankee bet, which doubles your initial stake to cover two potential outcomes: a win and a place.

Check out this horse racing Yankee example using real horses and odds from bet365.

  1. Sure Touch to win at 2.75
  2. Hildago Des Borders to win at 1.90
  3. Hyland to win at 4.00
  4. Call the Dance to win at 2.87
Doubles Trebles Fourfold 
A+B: (2.75 * 1.90) = 5.225A+B+C: (2.75 * 1.90* 4.00) = 20.9A+B+C+D: (2.75 * 1.90 * 4.00 * 2.87) = 59.983
A+C: (2.75 * 4.00) = 11A+B+D: (2.75 * 1.90 * 2.87) = 14.99
A+D: (2.75 * 2.87) = 7.8925A+C+D: (2.75 * 4.00 * 2.87) = 31.57
B+C: (1.90 * 4.00) = 7.6B+C+D: (1.90 *4.0 * 2.87) = 21.812
B+D: (1.90 * 2.87) = 5.453
C+D: (4.00 * 2.87) = 11.48

→ 1 + 11 + 7.8925 + 7.6 + 5.453 + 11.48 + 20.9 + 14.99 + 31.57 + 21.812 + 59.983 : If you stake $1 on this wager, and all selection wins, you will get a return of $197.91, deduct your initial bet and your overall profit would be $186.91

→ What if you wagered $5 per bet ($55 in total), your returns would be $989.56. From the total, your overall profit would be $934.56! 

Applying Yankee Bets to Football

Football is also another sport where you can use Yankee to maximize your bets. There are a whole lot of leagues and competitions to pick from. 

Like other sports, select any four games or markets that have the best potential of winning. You can spread your risk by selecting a mix of outcomes for each match.

Let’s look at the example below using my favorite teams from different football leagues:

  1. PSG to win at 1.53
  2. Almera and Getafe to draw at 3.40
  3. Bayern Munich to win or draw at 1.10
  4. Man Utd to score over 2.5 goals at 1.40 
Doubles Trebles Fourfold 
A+B: (1.53 x 3:40) =5.202A+B+C: (1.53 x 3.40 x 1.10) =5.3332A+B+C+D: (1.53 x 3.40 x 1.10 x 1.40) = 7.63552
A+C: (1.53 x 1.10) = 1.683A+B+D: (1.53 x 3.40 x 1.40)=7.3932
A+D: (1:53 x 1.40) =2.142A+C+D: (1.53 x 1.10 x 1.40) =2.3552
B+C: (3.40 x 1.10) =3.74B+C+D: (3.40 x 1.10 x 1.40) =5.256
B+D: (3.40 x 1.40) = 4.76
C+D: (1:10 x 1.40) = 1.54

→ Now let’s calculate the total Yankee bet odds – 5.202 + 1.68 + 2.142 + 3.74 + 4.76 + 1.54 + 5.3332 + 7.3932 + 2.3552 + 5.256 + 7.63552 = 47.68

→ Assuming you wager $4 per bet (a total of $44 for 11 bets) and all your selections are successful, your total payout would be $190.72 ( $4 x 47.68). 

→ But what if one or two games fail? For instance, if Almera and Getafe’s game didn’t end in a draw, your payout would be drastically reduced to $30.88. Considering your initial bet of $44, you would have lost $13.12. 

Tips and Strategies for Yankee Betting

Obviously, if you are willing to spend money on 11 different bets, it means you want to maximize your chances of making bank. With such investment, it’s important to approach Yankee betting with a well-planned strategy.

I have made it easier for you by providing the helpful tips below:

  • Do your Homework: The four games you select for your Yankee bets determine whether you get a payout or not. As such, it’s vital to carry out detailed research before going for a market. Thoroughly research the teams, players, head-to-head stats, and other statistics. For instance, before I place a bet on a horse to win, I check its previous performances in other races, trainer, current form, weather and track conditions, and market moves. 
  • Diversify your selections: As I stated in earlier sections, spread your bets across different markets, races, or courses to minimize your risk. Don’t stick with outright bets when there are a lot of less risky options to choose from, especially in football. 
  • Consider the odds: Check the odds of each selection and their likelihood of winning. While higher odds translate to higher potential returns, keep in mind that they also increase your risk significantly. In the Yankee bet football example I shared above, the overall payout was reduced greatly and even ended up a loss because the game with the highest odds in the selection failed.
  • Manage your Bankroll: Set a budget for your Yankee bets and stick to it. Keep in mind that you are placing 11 individual bets. This is certainly not a wager that you want to be chasing your losses with. Also, do not increase your stakes after a win or loss. 
  • Consider each-way Yankee bet: If you have a sizeable bankroll, you can place each-way Yankee bets to increase your chances of winning. With this strategy, you can get a return on your bet even if your horse doesn’t win. 

Understanding the Risks and Rewards

The reward of a Yankee bet lies in its potential for substantial returns. With six doubles, four trebles, and one four-fold accumulator, this type of bet creates multiple opportunities for winning combinations.

Yankee bets allow you to be flexible with your betting strategy. You can spread your bets across different races, leagues, and tournaments. This makes it appealing if you are interested in mixing your selection with various markets. For instance, you can combine two games from the English Premier League with two runners at Doncaster. 

However, like a two-edged sword, the risk of Yankee bets lies inherently in the number of selections involved. A single loss can drastically reduce your overall payout, while losing two or more games can clear your entire bet. 

Additionally, even though this wager spreads the risk across 11 different bets, you still need a larger stake to cover the total outlay. This is why I strongly recommend proper bankroll management when placing Yankees. 

So, Will You Place a Yankee Bet Tonight?

Yankee bets increase your chance of bagging a big one at online sportsbooks. However, like other multiple betting types, it can quickly create a hole in your pocket if you are not careful. 

Before placing a Yankee bet, ensure it fits with your bankroll, betting approach and risk tolerance. Moreover, remember to bet responsibly and within your means.

Do you feel the risks of Yankee bets are too high for you? Don’t fret, I got you covered. Check out my Betting 101 section for more interesting articles which will help you.