Top 12 Sports Betting Tips for Beginners

Have you ever considered placing bets on sports but felt like it was above your pay grade? Sports betting is certainly a daunting thing to get into and there are numerous types of risks involved. But no worries, we’ve got just the help you need! 

Our honest opinion is that starting as a beginner doesn’t have to be so scary! With my 12 following best tips, you have everything you’ll need to go from beginner to expert in no time!

Key Takeaways

  • You’ll become a real connoisseur with our effective gambling strategy!
  • With our tips, you’ll know all the latest news about your favorite teams, players, and sports.

Preparing for Your Betting Journey

There is no journey without preparation. You can’t just embark on something without preparing, at least a bit. A sports betting endeavor is no different. 

To be able to dive right in, understand it all and do everything perfectly, you must prepare yourself. And that’s why we are here to assist! 

Tip #1: Learn the basic terms and sports betting types

There are plenty of terms tossed around the sports betting world. Parlay, leg, point spread, wager, moneyline, bankroll and so many more are words that aren’t immediately recognized by beginners.

How can you safely gamble if you’re not quite sure what a spread is? Or a Sharp bettor? The real plus here is that we provide you with all the information, so you’ll never be unsure again. 

Our Betting 101 section has everything you need to understand the terms you’re looking at. 

Tip #2: Research and select beginner-friendly sports betting sites

Not every betting site out there is friendly to beginners. Some of them are geared towards advanced bettors who have a lot of experience under their belt. That won’t be good for anyone trying to foray into the world of sports gambling (though not a total waste), but there are many that cater to new audiences so that they can bean entryway into the industry. 

→ We personally think that the sportsbooks FanDuel and DraftKings are great for that. Both of these sites are well-respected, intuitive and have been around. You likely recall seeing daily fantasy sports creep into the mainstream, and both those sites were involved.

Here’s why we like them:

  • User-friendly: They’re both straightforward sites that are easy to navigate.
  • Convenient: They also have internal resources, so you can find out what you need and place a bet all at the same place.
  • Reliable: They have been relatively free of controversy since their inceptions.
  • Nice platforms with various bet options: They are aesthetically pleasing and have numerous ways to gamble.

BetMGM is another good one, but according to me, the above two are the best online betting sites. If placing a single bet or a lengthy parlay, be sure to try out those sportsbooks!

Tip #3: Establish a sensible betting budget and stick to it

Like anything, you have to set a budget. You can’t gamble without a specific amount in mind, or else you risk losing way more than you need to. 

Only bet with money you can afford to lose.

If you set yourself a wagering budget of $500, for example, then you can lose that much, but it’s difficult to lose more. There’s always a risk, but setting a budget minimizes the risks somewhat. Know your financial limits and don’t disregard them when you start betting.

Strategies for Effective Betting

Effective betting usually does not come without a strategy. Sure, you can be a gunslinger and go in wild and still win, but it definitely pays to have a plan, especially when you are a beginner. Whether it’s just planned research beforehand or a strategic way of placing bets together or separate, a strategy is necessary.

Keep in mind one thing, guys, don’t chase losses when you can plan ahead and avoid potential problems. 

Tip #4: Conduct thorough research on teams, players, and conditions

The best tip for novice gamblers in terms of strategy is to research the teams.


You might loosely follow the NFL and think it’s interesting that the Los Angeles Chargers are underdogs against the Denver Broncos.

You know that Justin Herbert is a good quarterback, so you place your bet, knowing that he can carry you to victory.

There’s just one issue: Herbert is injured. He’s not playing, which shifts the odds. If you don’t know that, you can be completely blindsided. 

Did you get it? Research the teams, the conditions, the players, and everything beforehand. ESPN and the various sports leagues themselves have good injury reports and statistical databases to help you. Do not hesitate to check these data analysis, and the latest news too.  

Tip #5: Learn how to interpret odds and assess probabilities

The odds are usually not in anyone’s favor, as The Hunger Games films and books so richly showcased. That remains true for sports betting. The house always wins, and that applies to the oddsmakers who run sports.

That is why it is crucial to understand the odds. If you’re not sure what “Boston Celtics -270” means, then you will have a tough time placing an informed wager on it. Probability plays a role too, but you’ve got to understand what the odds are first and foremost. 

Tip #6: Explore different types of bets to diversify your betting strategy

It won’t hurt you to place bets of just one type or on one sport, but it’s always good to diversify.

→ If you’re betting on sports games, and you take the Charlotte Hornets to cover the spread, the Washington Wizards to lose, and the Los Angeles Lakers to win, that’s all well and good.

You just might want to incorporate other bets, like putting them in a parlay or player props. Over/under is an easy one to get into, and it can be an enjoyable way to gamble.

→ You’re now rooting for LeBron James to score more than 23 points, since his O/U was 22.5, and you believed he’d score more than that. 

Staying Informed and Responsible

Sports gambling is an ever-changing industry. Just look at how far it’s come in the last few years and imagine where it will be in the next few. With that in mind, it’s vital to stay informed. That requires constant diligence, but it’s certainly worth it. 

Tip #7: Regularly follow sports news and updates

It’s difficult to stay completely up to date on every betting trend, but it’s easier to do with sports themselves. Here are ways to do that:

  1. Keep up with recent form of both teams and players.
  2. Track how they do in certain situations. i.e., playing in a dome vs. outside, or on grass vs. turf.
  3. Home/Away splits for players matter a lot.
  4. Make sure you know who’s injured and who’s healthy.
  5. Learn about matchup stats, which is especially important for sports like the NFL and MLB. If a sporting event has many matchups that matter, it’s good to keep track of them.

    Example: Like if the Seattle Seahawks shut down opposing running backs. That is relevant for the upcoming game that has Najee Harris opposite them.

Stat sites, which range from the league sites to ESPN and reference databases, are invaluable resources to this end, as said earlier in this article. 

Tip #8: Understand the risks and practice responsible betting

No matter what, there are always risks. That has to be understood. No matter how many of our resources, or anyone’s, that you read, you cannot ensure victory. Losses happen, which is why it’s essential to always bet responsibly.

If you don’t, then you’ll end up chasing losses and cost yourself even more. And this is not what we expect for you. Take a loss and learn from it, but don’t compound it. 

Tip #9: Join sports betting communities and forums to gain insight

Community is a big part of sports, and it can be very supportive to those trying to start gambling. There are plenty of social media sports betting accounts to follow, from X Twitter accounts to Subreddits. Instagram and YouTube are also great sources to find information on the matter.

If you are new to sports betting, these are excellent ways to stay informed and to get help. If you’re unsure about something, you can and should always ask someone in that community for guidance, especially when money is on the line. 

Continuously Elevating your Betting Skills

If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse. It’s a famous adage, and it’s very true, it matters a lot for this industry. Progression is key when gambling, which is why resources like TrustnBet exist. 

Tip #10: Review your past bets to understand your strengths and weaknesses

I have always found mistakes frustrating, but they do provide one value: education. Learning from one’s mistakes is one of the best ways to improve in any area. 

There’s no statistical reason why a player continuously hits the under when you bet the over on them. However, if that happens, it might be in your best interest to avoid that player and avoid over/under if you’re never successful with them. 

Look at the betting history on whichever site you usually operate on, and it’s likely you’ll see a pattern. If there’s not one, you might not have enough bets to see it, and it will eventually reveal itself. 

Tip #11: Be open to adapting and trying new betting strategies

No one is ever ahead of the curve at all times, so things will change on you. When that happens, not if, it is paramount to be adaptable. If you’re set in your ways, you will start losing a lot more often. If that continues, you might just quit entirely, which isn’t what anyone truly wants.

It’s one thing to receive information, but it’s another entirely to put that information to use and allow it to become a better sports bettor. Let’s take a look at trends and make sure we always put them to good use.  

Tip #12: Consult expert predictions and analysis

No one is perfect, but experts are considered as such for a reason. Experts have the information and the knowledge to make predictions that stand a chance of coming true. 


During a game in the NFL season, the Buffalo Bills, with a mediocre record, were favored over the Dallas Cowboys, who boasted one of the league’s best records.

→ Despite expert advice warning about the Cowboys’ road struggles and the Bills’ underrated potential, the Bills emerged victorious with a convincing 31-10 win, likely resulting in losses for many bettors.

These tips to help are your lifeblood when you’re getting started. In gambling, the beginning is the most important!

When you start, it’s make or break. If you break, you may not find your way back. These tips are essential to helping you make rather than break, and they can help you win some bets along the way. 

To find out more about sports gambling, visit our betting 101 section, where our specialists share their experience as well as winning strategies to improve your bets!